I think this guy is a player! Third round pick! what a steal. hes looking at Canadian rookie of the year… if that award existed wich is doesnt… except in my own mind. he switched from o line to d-line, and made an instant impact. congrads, keep it up!!!

i m pretty dissapointed this guy got little to no play in the last game. I thought he was a monster out there. i couldnt find any reports saying he was hurt or anything. i think this guys a gem. i hope the Huff stays with him. Keep him, and when Mace comes back next year, were looking at a force up front on D.

Nice to see him back making a difference on the D line. hope to see more of him!

why was he not dressed for the game? he has non import status, and you dont even dress him? he has been a great player when he plays. why would he not play? they never got after ray at all. brutal.

With the loss of jon gott on the O-line, there is a possibility Deane will have to play both ways to make the ratio work. heard this on the fan from AL Camron this morning. really? 2 ways?

...yup, I read it in the paper as well, he'll play both ways this weekend...don't see that very often...he's also gets first dibs on the post-game hot tub...

terrible injury. Looked aweful. i was really enjoying his play this year. he had surgery yesterday. hopefully he can rehab enough he will be ready for training camp. this guy could be part of the future of this team. but sometimes… one injury leads to another, to another, and so on. lumsden comes to mind. Buck pearce. ryan thalwell. even kenyon Rambo just hasnt been able to keep himself in the game. hopefully this is not the case here.

New year means Deane is the starting Right tackle for the stamps. certainly starting 13 games his sr season at a top school like Michigan St. Has helped make the transition much smoother.
With CFL teams looking dor Canadian T on offense the Stamps have one of the best and he is only in his 2nd season.
By having a Canadian that can start at at leas RT it gives teams alot of flexibility in starting 4 of 5 Canadian OLineman.
Toronto had tried 5 but found that 4 may be the right combination these days.
Saskatchewan has also found a Gem in Patrick Neufeld who started the season as a Utility O Lineman played so well that the Riders that the riders are able to start him at RT without missing a beat.
I would look for a lot of this in the future as the CIS is now producing Guards that are able to make the transition to the CFL their rookie season now. Drafting redshirt Juniors from the NCAA will now be able to focus on Canadian players who are able to play at least at RT.
The Stamps have tremendous NI depth so much that they start 9 NI's
The Stamps also have a nice core of NI receivers. NI receivers from the NCAA or CIS have really become top receivers in this league. Forzani an interesting case went from playing juniors to one season at Wahington St. he did not see much PT but he was able to help use that top calibre football of a DI FBS school to help bridge the gap. Jabari arthur now inhis third full season was looking for a breakout year but injuries have slowed him

I was really glad to see him suited up week 1 against the Stamps. That was such a terrible injury, would have been a real shame to cut a career so short. Always good to see a guy bounce back.

Deane has done a great job on the oline all season played really well at RT a psoition he started at his SR year and Mich St. he has also played well at LG.
For Deane the Stamps will have a chance to start him at RT from the start at training camp enabling them to have 4 NIs on the O line would do a lot for flexibility. He will only be in his 3rd season and to have him become a fixture at RT will go a long way for their already great Canadian depth and supply an O line with 4 NIs on the starting line for the next few seasons