JJ Gets it Done! Do You Rest Avery Now Until After The Bye.

Johnson did a great job against Hamilton. I think Pinball should give Avery this week off and then another week to heal with the bye. It's interesting the depth that the Argo's have with Williams getting close to a return.

I'll surprised if Avery is back with the Argos next because of the games he has missed because of injury. Teams don't usually keep older injury prone RB's around especially when they command top dollar.
My prediction for next year would be Jesse Lumsden and Jeff Johnson sharing the duties with Harvard RB Clifton Dawson in the picture as well if he's available. He may get a NFL look.

avery this and avery that bla bla- he fumbles, is allway injured- johnson may not want to start against the ticats he got clobberd pretty good, and re- db- typical of an argo fan coveting a TiCat player- lumsden aint oshea- imo the ticats wont give his rites up- IF he returns to CFL, he belongs to the TiCats-

:roll: Jesse only belongs to the Ticats until February 15/07. :twisted:

Are you kidding me? These two teams swap players more than any 2 teams in the WORLD!!!
It is almost uncanny when I think of the past and how these RIVALS make and break each other. My friends once had a joke how the Ti-cats were almost Toronto's farm team. It seemed that once a player got good he'd somehow end up in TO and once they were done with him he would be in a Hamilton uni. Look at this list just of the top of my head.
Mike O'Shea
Mike Morrealle
Tony Miles
Joe Montford
Calvin Tiggle
Tim Cofield
Marcus Brady
Marvin Graves
Mike Campbell
Orlando Steinauer
Mike Jovanovich
Mike Kerrigan
I know I could pull out some of my old media guides or Jogo cards and go on and on. I'm sure many of you could add to this list. A lot of times the Argos have just thrown more money a players way which may irritate some Cat fans and keep the hate alive.

If the Argos actually wanted Lumsden, it's not hard to get him. However, Jeff Johnson has continued to impress everyone. This guy hits the holes so hard and fast, in fact he's just like Jesse and even better at this point. Lumsden, although limited time, hasen't proven anything in the CFL. Johnson runs like Williams but with more success. I'm begining to think Avery/Johnson is better than any Williams combination. Avery should be let go come seasons end. His time here has got to be over and if he ends up you know where to replace Ranek, I will laugh but nothing surprises me.

Yup, Jeff Johnson is the real deal. Reminds me a bit of Bill Symons from the Leo Cahill days. A couple of weeks ago, Darren Flutie was asked who he'd start when both Avery and Williams were healthy. He said he'd start Johnson over both of them!!

An Argo fan

you forgot one... Damon Allen

well he did not get his start in either city, but he did play in Hamilton for a shot while.

No I didn't. Allen never went from Ham to Tor or vice versa. My list is not players who played for both, it is players who swap from one to the other.I did forget Reggie Slack though.

Yes, there has been a lot of Ticats jump to the Argos over the years. I don't remember Cofield playing with Argos but he had an excellent career with Hamilton. Peewee Smith, Clifford Ivory, Jude St. John and Jeff Johnson are other ones that come to mind that came over from Hamilton. But the Ticats got even a little bit this past off season stealing Mariuz.