JimTrimble Tribute

I was somewhat late arriving at the game yesterday ... was their a video tribute or a message honouring Jim Trimble prior to the contest?

If not, I find that deplorable.

I understand the focus of the day was the Flying Wildcats ... I don't think anyone associated with that
group would have felt slighted had someone acknowledged an icon in Tiger Cat history.

According to Bob Young, "Jim Trimble is the reason he became a Tiger Cat fan" at a very early age.

I hope I'm wrong and their was mention of his name and his memory.

Jim Trimble and the Philly Eagle connection came later in the 50s. This game and the uniforms was a tribute to the Flying Wildcats of 1943. I'm sure the Caretaker will remember "Jungle Jim" in the new stadium. Maybe a Waffle Game theme would be appropriate. Jim Trimble and Leo the Lip Cahill were characters who could sell freezers to Eskimos. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

My badness! I wasn't aware that Coach Trimble past away. He will be missed by all who love football.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

8) Jim Trimble died over 7 years ago !!! There were lots of tributes done in his memory at that time.
  Why would they do another tribute to him yesterday ???  You do realize that he passed away 7 yrs. ago ??

I can't understand why the thread about his death was started up again (further down the page), after all these years !!

This is what happens when threads are resurrected from the dead.