Jimmy Ralph

Starting to wonder if Jimmy Ralph is in Marc Trestman’s dog house for some reason. He’s apparently not injured as he is on the PR. Did a good job last year as a possession type receiver. Has better hands than Williams IMO and seemed to be able to get open, which most of the Argo receivers seem to have trouble doing.

he may have said something to trestman
to wit good returner shipped off to edmonton
lemon shipped off to bc
even posey would not sign w/ argos

its all about trestman and his gigantic $600k salary and ego
why else keep starting macbeth for 5 losses in a row, finally after he throws 4picks in 3 1/4 we finally get to see franklin
macbeth does EXACTLY what trestman wants and therefore macbeth gets the starts
regardless of wins
not starting carter for 3 games is another bad decision - all on trestman and his ego