Jimmy Farris

I can't find too much on this guy. Spent most of his life sitting of practice rosters and minimal playing time. Tillman seems to like him ... been on the neg list for a couple years. Rumour mill says he should be coming to town this week.

[url=http://www.patriots.com/alumni/index.cfm?ac=alumnibiosdetail&bio=16431]http://www.patriots.com/alumni/index.cf ... &bio=16431[/url]

Not much to speak of ... but he does have a super bowl ring.

Thank you zbest. That doesnt tell us much. He must have been good at university. And he played at Montana so he can play in cold weather. Good for late year in Saskatchewan.

Where was he after the Patriots? Anyone know?

Atlanta and Washington

[url=http://www.nfl.com/players/jimmyfarris/profile?id=FAR719833]http://www.nfl.com/players/jimmyfarris/ ... =FAR719833[/url]

any word on who the other 2 will be? these rumors of milt beingtraded got me excited. i'd be willing to give the bombers Bishop for half a year of Stegall :stuck_out_tongue:.

Drinking again KK-FTW? Milts done like diner and is playing hurt.

nope sober today :slight_smile:. and bah, hes a lot more healthy than anyone we got thats of use. Everyone knows he's done but what the heck im sure he can catch a few more balls for 3 months

I was wondering if Stegal would be available after the slow start Winnipeg has had, but I just can't see them letting him go. He would be wise to try another team for the rest of this season, so that he could have a real chance at a Grey Cup ring before he retires. Not much of a bomber fan, but a guy like Stegal deserves a ring.

I believe that after Milt sets his recored with Winnipeg that the team might actually try to accomidate him with a trade to a grey cup contender, but we would have our starters back by then I hope.

Forget Milt…i want Armstrong back. He was awesome when he was here and he’s even better back in the Peg.

No Milt hes old slow and hurt… will take what we have now over him.

Hate to say it but unless we give up something huge Milt is the best we'll be getting from the bummmers