O"Bie, is THIS the kind oif guy we want on our team? I say that that was his one-and-only chance. Another blatent attempt-to-injure like that, and cut his ass...

JJ showed what kind of playerperson he is when he was a lion. Ticats were ignorant to sign him in the first place. No integrity there.

And then there was Gibbs, who I understand was said to be undisciplined, is just one dumb penalty behind Jimenez at halftime.

Would like B. Johnson back, can't wait for Baggs and McIntyre to be in the lineup.

Gibbs wasn't trying to end anybody's career. Punk move by Jimenez. Of course I'd never say it to his face, as he'd probably do his best to injure me, too. :roll:

yeah, but think of the money :slight_smile:

Woo hoo! Just imagine all the Jell-o I could afford to drink through a straw. :wink:

Yeah…He did’nt exactly cover himself with alot of glory tonight and I suspect he’ll be alot lighter in the pocket book sometime next week…

What I also noticed was his reaction to the head coach after Marcel questioned him after the taunting call…It was a little disconcerting in the fact that he seems not to “get it”…

And to think we would not pay for Goodspeed and the front office thinks this is a good replacement??

Jiminez is a fool, bring back Belton Johnson.Solid starter with NO on field issues.What got me was the Jiminez seemed to get in Marcel's grill because MB was trying to figure out why he was causing these penalties.He seemed one second away from clocking him.He has no respect for the game or the people in it.Goodbye Jiminez.

I had two big problems with "Mr." Jiminez tonight:

  1. What I thought was a blatant attempt to injure another player.

What the heck was he thinking? Going for his knee? As the TSN commentators stated, that kind of play has NO PLACE in the league!! There was NO point to it, the only conclusion I can come to is that it was an attempt o injure another player.

Despicable, he should be cut immediately just for that play. He should actually go see a head shrink, to be honest. If that happened off the football field you would describe that person as a dangerous goon that should be locked away.

  1. His "reaction face" to being put in line by Marcel.

Again, what the heck was he thinking? The guy was just told something by the coach, Marcel had put his arms up in a "what the heck were you thinking" type manner. And then his face had this horrible grimace, like he was angry that Marcel had "back talked" to him or something?

Uh.... excuse me. But you are a professional football player. When your coach tells you to jump you ask how high and say yes sir. You don't act like a prima dona after you've just screwed over ALL of your teammates with selfish penalties.

And I mean, really, is he not aware that the game is TELEVISED and that he has all those cameras on him? They will (very!) obviously catch his silly little 2-year-old-toddler-feet-stamping facial expression after being "told" by Marcel.

I want him cut from the team, he doesn't represent Tiger-Cat values. I think at the very least, a public dressing down by Marcel or Obie, followed by a public apology, is in order.

Totally agree, well said.

Pretty ironic words from him in the Spec prior to the game.

"At the end of the day, as much as I want to play hard and contribute
by giving my all, I don't want to put our offence in a predicament
where it's 2nd and 20, based on my 10-yard penalty."

I agree with others, start shopping this piece of work around.

8) I couldn't believe the facial expression, and his reaction to Marcel, as he came to the sideline.
 To top it off, he gave Marcel that same look, two diferent times !!!

  The impression I got from that was, Jiminez was saying, "what are you bothering me for, man", "who are you"  !!!

   No respect at all !!

even though i don't want him around anymore i think the tiger cats should keep him around on a very short, one link chain. tell him how things are done around here and if (or when) he screws up again, CUT HIM!

bruce lipped of to the media last year about porter being number 1 and mann tweeting last week "#yourawhackasscoach (you’re a whack ass coach) with “when your best players don't touch the ball in big games ...?

sometimes they need some reinforcement. :smiley:

this is what happens when we have the Canadian ratio and guaranteed jobs for Canadian Offensive Lineman. There's no one out there to fill his shoes and he can do whatever he wants. They can't find any qualified Canadian to put in his place.
If we didn't have the ratio we would have a new bigger faster OL waiting to fill in.

I am not following your logic Mikem - Jimenez is American. Why would we have to find a qualified Canadian to put in his place? Can't we just grab an NFL cut and send JJ packing with no affect on the ratio?

8) You do realize that Jiminez is an Import, don't you ??
  His position on our OL is usually reserved for the only Import player on the Line !!

  Belton Johnson was doing an admirable job there until his injury.

Jiminez is a Mean Blocker but I agree what he did as Wrong
I like his Nasty Side but if look he got in coach B's Face.

I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. He was playing against his former team and was strung a little tight for that game. Maybe he had a score or two to settle with former teammates. MB said at the end of the half time that he addressed the issue during the half time but he also had to listen to his players side of the story. Lots of stuff happens along the lines during a game. When they were running down the clock at the end of the game. There were several BC defensive lineman all looking, and no doubt chirping at Jiminez.

Jimenez brings a fear factor to guys he plays against. I don't like the penalties, but I like his edge. Cobb had a breakout game last night. Maybe partially because Jimenez was in the back of the mind of a lot of BC's D?

I agree completely with ILoveHamilton's comments. IMHO, there's no question is was a deliberate attempt to injure, if not bring an "Jiminez end" to another CFL career. I didn't support his signing by the Cats, because of his history, and wish he could be banned from the league. He missed on this attempt but it won't be his last. He has succeeded in his quest to injure before:

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/story/2007/11/12/jiminez-ruling.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/story ... uling.html[/url]