Jiminez- when is he coming back?

can anyone advise when the big tackle is expected back?

and i dont mean Jose Jiminez of ed sullivan fame for you old timers either...

he’s on the 9 game IR, so probably around labour day.

Well…teams can bring one guy back per half a season (I think) early off the 9 game…so I think the answer is, as soon as he’s anywhere close to ready. This might be a case where you would hurry a guy back into the lineup.

Don't want to rush him back if he not 100%

Why Risk his Health

Well...so far you're 'Oh Fer' without him...

the root o-line problem is not just rottier here guys, i see bad plays by all so although JJ would be helpful, he may not equate to everything going right

Our big new stud is named Jason Jiminez npt Jose Jiminez and he is a lot tougher. :wink: :smiley:

With respect, the Oline is the root of most of your problems...fix that, and better times will come.

Can he kick? :slight_smile:

Rottier did a fine job yesterday and will from now on hopefully. Jimenez may no longer be needed in 7 weeks.

I did notice during the goalline rushing play that they couldn't get in the endzone, that Marwan Hage was blown up about 2 yards deep in to the backfield.

So it's not just Rottier that has to step up his game.

  • paul

I saw that too. I thought we had a full back on the team. Why not give it to him to try and bull into the endzone rather than a QB sneak or a pass.

i got that same sence throughout the game while i would wathc them run i would see maybe 1 guy actually get movement when the rest would get stood up or pushed back.

Man I hope soon... Still haven't heard anything about this guys's injury. It's the best kept secret in the league.