What happened near the end of the first half between Jimenez and a Calgary O-Lineman? Higgins was really upset at half-time but I didn't see the first half or any highlights of that play. Higgins was sure animated at half-time and even Murphy talked about it.

Cameras never caught what happened, but when Murphy’s backpedaling about the play, it must of been bad.

Higgins actually got mad!

All i know for sure is it resulted in a guy breaking his ankle.

Apparently it was a low block on the Calgary D-lineman. There seems to be some confusion/scrambling as to whether or not there is video evidence to send to the League.

TSN says that they did not have footage as their camera guys were getting set for the half.

From TEAM 1040’s broadcast in Vancouver, colour-guy Gino Caravatta claims that even the Lions players who saw the incident said it was pretty bad.

On Monday noon PST Rick Ball has the lions coverage here: TEAM 1040 Click on the listen live

Should have some interesting things to say. Hopefully he has Wally’s soundbytes regarding Jimenez. Good stuff.

I do not know what happened in this game, but Jimenez (in a SK game earlier this year) rolled up on a SK player's legs from behind well away from the play. That IMO would be worthy of a DQ.

I didn't see it live at the game and couldn't see it on the video at home after. Reading between the lines from what Murphy and others have said it sounds like it was a hard, late and unecessary hit. That is supported by the fact that the penalty was a dead ball foul (and ejection).

I don't blame Higgins for being upset, having lost a player with the semi-final next week. Still, the fact that Higgins is upset doesn't make Jimenez' actions any more or less severe. Whether the injury is mainly a case of bad luck on Gargiulo's part, bad judgment on Jiminez' part, or malicious intent we will probably never know.

...and with nothing having been caught on video, none of us will ever know what really happened.

Jimenez (15 yards behind the play) dove at the CAL player from behind and broke the CAL player's ankle/leg in three places. His (CAL player) career is for sure over and may not be able to walk without a limp.

Wasn't Higgins defending the Lions play earlier in the year?

I hope some sort of action is put forth, those guys are obviously not getting the message since they repeatedly get called for stuff that many consider dirty.

Who was the player?

None of us at the game saw what happened, or if he even did what the refs said. BC Place cameras were focused elsewhere, and so were TSN ones it looks like.

Without any film it might be hard to get a suspension to stick.

Dust, you didn't even see the play, nor did I. Can you not reserve judgement on Jimenez when all you're going on is hearsay?

This is the first time that Jimenez has been called for doing cheap shots. I suspect if the BC players are talking about it. Then it was bad.....even if there isn't enough film footage for a review, the league can still suspend Jiminez based on the reveiw of ref, and other people.

If it is the true the league has to act fast before the Western FInal.

Who was the lineman?


Might not show up on the TV footage, but it could be on the scouting footage. I understand that every game has an high angle camera that is done by the home team.

Its not usually the best quality but is used by coaches to evaluate the overall play. Things like route running, etc are captured better this way.

From what various players and coaches have said, and the fact that the guy he supposedly hit has a broken ankle and is done for the year, I'm going to go ahead and speculate on this one.

Here's the link.
Player was Gargiulo and he broke his fibula while also tearing tendons and ligaments.

[url=http://calsun.canoe.ca/Sports/Football/2007/11/05/4631889-sun.html]http://calsun.canoe.ca/Sports/Football/ ... 9-sun.html[/url]

I find it funny all the concern from the Rider fans on here about this situation. Injuries happen and this one you should be happy with he is a very good player that will not be chasing your QB down. I will not pass judgement on this guy until the league does. He did get DQ from the game so the ref will report on what occured until then it is another football injury.

I have no interest in what if any further penalties arise. It was a simple comment to start the thread to find out if anyone knew what had happened. No one had any names or actual injuries so I posted the story. No one here is passing judgement.

Take it with a grain of salt, BigU…KL has nothing on here if he can’t rip on Rider and Bomber fans…it’s just how he rolls, unfortunately…

Nobody should ever be happy that a guy is hurt, and I don't think Rider fans are any different. I'd rather both teams were healthy fielding their best players, because we'd be treated to a better game as fans.

Because of the comments from various players and coaches, and the fact that the player who initated the hit was ejected, it leads to the obvious speculation that it was a dirty hit.

I will apologize if that's not the case, but every indication at this time points to that scenario.