Jimenez will not be targeted by Stamps or CFL referees

Jimenez will not be targeted by Stamps or CFL referees
Tackle satisfied that incident is done with

Lowell Ullrich
The Province

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The first two exhibition games of the year were the most hopeful sign possible to Jason Jimenez that his ejection from the B.C. Lions' final 2007 regular-season contest against the Calgary Stampeders will not make him a target.

Further proof may or may not come when the CFL teams meet Thursday in the first Calgary visit by the third-year tackle since his controversial altercation with Stamps lineman Anthony Gargiulo at B.C. Place Stadium.

Jimenez successfully appealed a one-game suspension in the offseason imposed by the CFL for his actions in the Nov. 3 game. He expressed concern during his arbitration hearing that game officials would be watching him more closely in the future.

But Jimenez said a test of sorts was passed during preseason play and is hopeful the hit will not become an issue beyond the opener, due to developments on several fronts.

Gargiulo, who filed retirement papers before training camp to save a roster spot, is presently continuing his rehabilitation at home. And the Stamps also have made several personnel changes elsewhere on the defensive line.

"Am I concerned I will be flagged quicker than last year because of what happened? I can say in the last two games, a couple of the officials who did the game last year were [on the preseason crews] and I didn't have any penalties," Jimenez said.

"They've got their job to do; I've got to do mine. If they're looking at me they'll also be looking at the guy I'm going against. I'm sure there'll be some backlash from fans, but if they feel inclined to heckle me that's what they pay to do."

But there will be no looking back for Jimenez. And to the Lions that goes beyond what may be asked of him.

Through his communications staff, coach Wally Buono made it clear that Jimenez will not discuss the play last year at the team's walk-through today.

A reference in the Stamps' preseason media guide that characterized the play by Jimenez as a "late hit" also prompted a complaint call by the Lions coach to the communications department of his former team.

Buono was also critical of the move of Calgary coach John Hufnagel to close public viewing of practices this week, saying the CFL should enforce an open-door policy for all clubs to avoid giving the Stampeders a "competitive advantage." (See Ed Willes, Page C4).

And with all that as a backdrop, Jimenez may indeed be able to avoid becoming a target. One of last year's biggest late-season talking points has been replaced by two of the league's best teams with a set of new ones.


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...any player 'targeting' jimenez would be an even bigger idiot...Karma is funny that way....

...the only thing targetted JJ's way will be a super duper boo from me....this one will be for kel....

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Can't say whether or not someone will target him... now probably wouldn't be the best time, anyway... but I'm hoping his laces come undone and he trips over himself.

Hey, if his knees can buckle because he's still shaken up over a crash he was in earlier, then I don't think the above is much of a stretch.

LOL he is hoping it is over. Time will tell.

Sounds like he is quite woried!

Ya, he sounds reaaaaaaaaaaaally concerned :roll:

I'm sure he's scared of a few fans booing him in the stadium. Not like he's ever been booed before in an NFL stadium or anything like that.

He is shaking in his booties

Source please?

Hey you posted the article!
Go read it!

I don't see anywhere in the article that says anything about Jimenez 'shaking in his booties'. Since you are making the accusation, provide a quote or link please.



:lol: Nice one, ro.

Apparently they didn't teach RLR how to read between the lines at UWO.

The shaking part is implied...the booties part is common knowledge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hold your breath while I go get it

If you read the article - rather then accept with glee that he got someone to buy into his "it was an accident" garbage and got the 1 game suspension removed - he went crying hat in hand to the media and the league making it all but impossible to ever hold this person accountable for what he did. Every time someone flags him he will be crying the blues

Wouldn't it be really stupid to openly "target" Jiminez? If for no other reason than it would make it pretty hard to claim it was an "accident" when (successfully) appealing the suspension.

Wow shaking in his booties? LOL I had another area that would be filled! I guess stick to shaking in the booties LOL.
If he is not worried why grab every media opportunity to mention it. What he wants no flag during the season? The refs will flag him when he does wrong the problem is he will warrant extra attention brought on all by himself. As far as another player hurting him. Well if he does get hurt he will be claiming it deliberate of course. But hey look the Jimenez loop hole. LOL

You give arbitrators far too much credit.

Wouldn't it be really stupid to openly "target" Jiminez? If for no other reason than it would make it pretty hard to claim it was an "accident" when (successfully) appealing the suspension.
Since he ended a players career and is still going on in the press to try and tie the hands of the refs, I highly doubt he cares if someone comes at him. Like him or not he is a big boy who can look after himself. I think this is more about trying to make sure that his Team does not pay the price. A few badly timed flags can change the outcome of a game. I'm torn between agreeing that the Lions shouldn't pay a price for the actions of 1 person, but then again Wally didn't do the honorable thing and bench him or at the very least stifle him after he got away with no suspension.

Actually. yes. I don’t think that anyone will retaliate because the vast majority of players have to much class to do so.

The problem is that Jiminez has no idea what class is and therefor he is afraid of retaliation

I think Jimenez could teach ro1313 a thing or two about class to be quite honest...