Jimenez Suspended or Not?

Call me stupid or not, but i have no clue if Jimenez is suspended for the WF. I can't find the information where i have been looking. a Simple yes or no would be great. No need to tell me im an idiot.

The information provided after the conference on Friday said that a statement would be issued on Monday (today) regarding the decision.

Wally speaks to reporters at 10 a.m. today; I would imagine a decision is coming down this hour as it's already after Noon in Toronto

Dhaliwal reports decision to come down at 1 pm today our time

Expect a media zoo at the Surrey facility or BC Place IF it's a suspension, which I suspect it will

and by a zoo I don't mean zoo animals

Yes just heard on 1040 he is suspended one game , but could go to arbatration, and if he wins that he could play in the WF but would have to miss the Grey Cup.

From where do you understand that arbitration has to wrap up within one or two weeks? Why can't this drag on beyond the Grey Cup game? Where does it say it has to be wrapped up within a certain time period?

yeah hopefully he can play in the west final and sit ou the grey cup

one game suspension is a joke. he should never play again.

I don't know about forever, but I think it would be shameful if Jimenez got to play again this year.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still cheer for the Lions win or lose, shame of the League or Two-peat champs. But I think an ugly and selfish play like Jimenez made warrants more than one game.

Imagine if it was one of our guys like Foley or Pottinger that took that cheap hit. Think we'd be okay with a one-game? Sure as he[[ not me. Most fans here would be calling for the culprits head!

1040 apparently says Jimenez has told the CFL he's appealing the suspension

gasoline thrown on the fire

Good move by Jiminez to appeal his suspension.I figured this is the way it would play out.Jiminez will be elegible to play WF vs. Sask.,and Grey Cup game vs.Toronto on Nov 25th.Since their was no video of the incident involving Jiminez at the end of the first half vs. Calgary,he should not even be disciplined.No harm,no foul.After Lions win Grey Cup this year,it doesn't matter what punishment,if any,Jiminez is handed.The worst now is he sits out a meaningless pre-season game next year.I didn't see the incident,so I don't think the league should discipline anyone.Go Lions. :twisted:

Um, you forget the Referee that threw his flag saw the incident. Pretty reliable witness.

I think he'll drag this out, and will sit the first REGULAR season game in 2008.

Any worries that all the Dirty Play the Lions have demostrated recently is going to hurt them in the eyes of the refs for the game?

What about Karma in general? This game could get ugly if someone 'steps over the line.'

bc42 nice to see that you don't condon a dirty chepshot cowardly act like Jimenez. I suppose you would beat your mother if it ment you might win the grey cup. Get your head on straight. At least the majority of BC fans have compasion and a sense of right and wrong on this issue.

Sure, let him appeal. That way he gets to play in the WF and then will have to deal with it and serve his suspension next year when BC plays their next game. or maybe let him appeal, lose the appeal, go to arbitration, and then let a BC season ticket holder deal with the arbitration and over rule the suspension. Yeeeesh !!! Shades of A.J. Gass! That sounds about right for the CFL Commish!!

This just in from TSN.ca:
The decision on the suspension of B.C. Lions offensive right tackle Jason Jimenez has been stayed for the remainder of this season, meaning he is eligible to play in Sunday's West Final and the Grey Cup if the team qualifies.

What a JOKE!! What a bush league call. Oh, well, why are we not surprised in Riderville. Bring him on I say. Give us your VERY BEST!!!


Brutal. Here's to your broken leg, Gargiulo. I really want to hear Jimenez's comments after this doozie.

And it looks like he gets away scot free.

Message is sent, precedent is done!

Maim, and end another players career is okay in the CFL.


[url=http://www.cknw.com/Channels/Reg/SportsLocal/Story.aspx?ID=1006316]http://www.cknw.com/Channels/Reg/Sports ... ID=1006316[/url]

Clearly someone paid off this idiot arbitrator.

This guy needs a taste of the same "accidental contact"

For the first time in 42 yrs, I dont feel very enthusiastic about the upcoming season. I got such a bad taste in my mouth.

FYB, As much as I want us to win it all, I feel like I need a shower. The inmates rule the house.