Jimenez out for opener

http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/ 06/21/2010

Jimenez out for opener - at least

Import offensive tackle Jason Jimenez will miss at least

the first regular season game with a knee injury.

I was afraid that this would happen.

But I also suggested shortly after the injury (in the game thread) that Rottier could take the place of Jimenez if necessary. And that's one of the things that Drew pointed out in that entry. Spanos is the only other import tackle on the roster. He also makes the interesting point about bringing in a tackle that another team released, so we could look here for one: http://www.cfl.ca/page/transactions_offseason_200910

Here are other excerpts from the article:

The full extent of the injury isn’t known but it’s [i]not expected to be season-ending.[/i]
I was hoping to hear something a little more reassuring than that, but here's another excerpt:
“The doctors are going to re-asses him,? head coach Marcel Bellefeuille said today. “He was walking around, which is a good sign.?
But it at least it was said that Mann is expected to be ready by July 2nd.