JImenez needs to learn to shut his yap!


“A lot was said [in the aftermath of the incident],” he said. “A lot of people had opinions. I don’t play dirty. I play rough. I’m aggressive. If players don’t like that, they’re in the wrong line of business.“I don’t think [Gargiulo] accepted my apology, but I can’t dwell on that. I’ve [made] my peace.”
And now he’ll try to find it.”

The more he opens his mouth the more you have to hate this man.

You all need to get over it. If he really is as dirty a player as many in this forum think - and the players on the field feel the same way, he will be judged and sentenced by his peers and will soon enough be sitting on the sidelines with an injury.

We all know there is always someone bigger, faster and meaner out there. Let the players sort this out.

Because vigilante justice is exactly what the world needs more of. :roll:

Sporty posted this in the other topic. But I agree... he needs to just shut up.

I am not advocating vigilante justice but anyone who thinks that this doesn't happen on a football field must be just a little naive!

Maybe you should talk to "Kel"(CFLgameanyone), because he's definitely naive on this subject!

Until the CFL does something about the arbitration process the CFL is pretty much the new WHA as there are no reprocussion for literally anything they do.

The guy was interviewed and asked about it whats he supposed to do? We were coached to play till the whistle and if somebody was standing around hit him. And we did.

Tell the truth?

Roll a twenty yards because your bum leg gave out into an player from behind sound believable to me. Not! He is a lion sob and so is his coach. I truly hope he gets what coming to him.And when they take him off the field I hope the fans cheer because that would be the Lions classic way to do it. Did I mention the Lions are classless.

:lol: That'd certainly be a start...

No!...Not the world!....Just Football :wink:

Jason Jimenez for Prime Minister!

He would make a good politician, he is just as much a liar as the current PM.

ya i can just imagine his first meeting wiht George bush....bush would piss him off and walk away and Jiminez would let out a war cry and tuck and role and take out the presidents knee...

The guy is the biggest waste of talent in the CFL....if he shut his mouth he has the ability to be a top O-lineman...but all he does is motivate all the D lineman he faces to knock him on his ass

Im starting to feel the same about you. This seems to be about all you ever want to talk about. Give it a rest, that was last season.

Pretty typical right Dan. A man loses his lively hood do to a low life BC Lion and you would like to sweep it under the carpet because it is a new year. Just maybe Jimenez will have to think about. Right now the symapthy train is not stopping at his house. In fact the guy better watch his back he is a marked man. :lol: The more he opens his mouth the more I believe he was guilty.

To be honest, I haven't seen enough of the play to truly make an educated opinion on the intent. I do value the refs opinion and would lean to his view but nothing is conclusive. A players career is in jeopardy and like the play that ended Kelly Wiltshire's career, it is sad but none of us can judge the intent. Only one person knows what the intent was.

Whether you agree with the outcome or not, it is done. Get over it.

Looking forward to the season starting so we can get away from last years news.

May I point the difference out to you. On Kelly's play no flag was thrown because it was a legal play.

On the Jimenez play it was an illegal block flag thrown and he was removed from the game by the ref who felt at the time there was an intent to injure. The problem is they allow moronic judges thathave no knowledge of the game of football making a ruling allowing this scum bag off free with no punishment. I guess the best way to judge him is we will let the fans across Canada judge him each time he steps on the field. An just maybe the refs will also watch this mans dirty play and call it each and every time. But to compare the two plays is just plain dumb. Get over it! I think not.

Had Jimenez taken his punishment like a man, it would have been over. He chose to worm his way out of it, and while the issues may be over with the league....It is far far from over with the fans....