Jimenez if you are wally which game do you want him to sit

If I was Wally, I would be telling him to sit this game out. With the hopes they will be in the Grey Cup.

I suspect based the league is ready to go to arbitration on this as soon as the Jimenez decides. It took them less then a week to go to hearing for Gass. So I would expect the same with this hearing, if he appeals.

While some people will like to have seen a harsher penality, the league has spoken, it is one game.

the game is the greatest

the league is a joke

Darn you hwgill, you took my thunder.

Here's how I see it. Jimenez will apeal it 3:45pm Eastern time on Friday. That will allow him to play on Sunday. The league wont be able to get a proper appeal going because they will be so busy with the Grey Cup stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I saw the hit. He deserves the one game suspension, but if I was a betting man, I'd bet on my above scenerio.

In the emantime, I bet Jimenez has been on the phone calling AJ Gass for a good arbitrator! :wink:

I think the League dropped the ball on this one. They should have made this ruling last week so that Jiminez would have no excuse to make his decision on whether or not to appeal late. Yes it would have taken a bit of press from the two semi final games but who cares. Plus I don't think a one game is enough.
The fact that AJ Gass said that he should be done for the season tells me he should be done for the season. Players need to start respecting each other just a bit more.

Big Dog...there were other witnesses, e.g.: Lion Fans that have come forward with their eye witness account on the after the whistle dirty hit...are you a doubting Thomas??

I never thot of it this way. Since the League already ruled I think this would be fitting.

I'm not a teacher. The rules are in place as well as the arbitration process. Any player has the right as stipulated in their collective agreement to persue this avenue. There are avenues with anyone who belongs to a union to appeal suspensions. The last suspension took a month before a ruling was made. As a matter of strategy I would appeal. And as a famous coach once said ( Vince Lombardi ) Winning is the only thing that matters.

From the way I have read the announcement, Jimenez has had his formal hearing with the league. So the process that took close to 2 weeks with Gass has taken 1 week. The only option left is the independant arbitration process.

I suspect the league is already prepared for this case going to a hearing early next week. With an announcement to be made before the Grey Cup game.

That does appear to be the wording of the announcement.
In which case, we could have a final ruling before the next play-off game.
And it still remains the case, that if Jimenez has any integrity at all, as a player or a human being, he simply accepts this decision.

Why? On the say-so of a ref? Refs that all of you have been complaining about all year regarding bad calls? :roll:

Interesting article out of Vancouver…I think this guy misses the fact that Jimenez’s only option is the independent arbitrator.

[url=http://www.canada.com/topics/sports/story.html?id=07ce87b8-4627-4d34-bcae-1a6089b84db4&k=67746&p=1]http://www.canada.com/topics/sports/sto ... =67746&p=1[/url]

But then again, we have BC fans that haven’t seen the call, saying their own fans that have seen it and publicly stated a suspension is warrented are wrong.

They're starting Jackson at QB. we need to get to Jackson to stop him! then it won't matter what else goes on.. plain and simple!

Mike, good link.

Same story I read in todays Province. I think you misinterpreted the column. What Willes is saying is that they way the league has conducted itself in other incidents, Jimenez could exploit it to his benefit (Ie play in both games).

You fans in Sask. have no integrity at all. When Tillman was shouting his big mouth off you all said he should not be fined. And you all dumped on the refs saying they were all no good. I read those inflammatory threads from Sask. fans. Now you say the refs and leaque made a good decision. Some Sask. stooge says on previous thread that his children are not learning from this. Yet he was one that dumped on the leaque and refs for ruling against Sask. Austin fined and Tillman told to keep his big mouth shut. I am sure that Austin would not waste his time looking at this so called tape.

I would agree with you, but the league is very clear, all Jimenez has left is the independent review. For Gass the 24 days, included the hearing/appeal with the league and then the independant hearing.

Here the guy is implying Jemenez would be able to string it out for 24 days as well.

[b]Earlier this year, for example, an appeal of a one-game suspension by Edmonton's A.J. Gass turned into a tortured 24-day ordeal which ended with the penalty being overturned by an arbitrator. Twenty-four days, of course, would take Jimenez through to the Grey Cup which would give the media and the league's fans plenty of time to debate the merits of the case when their focus should be the league's marquee event.

Then again, they've already been kicking it around for eight days. What's two more weeks among friends?[/b]

I honestly don't think that will happen here.