Jimenez if you are wally which game do you want him to sit

If you are Wally B which game do you want him to sit.
Clearly the Toronto defense brings more pressure then Sask based on stats and style of play. If Jimenez appeals he could lose out in being in the grey cup game. Providing BC wins the Western Final. It is a mute point if BC loses.

However, he can he afford to sit Jimenez in the game against Saskatchewan.

Appeal and sit him for the Grey Cup if need be. If we dont get by Sask, there wont be any Grey Cup anyway.

If I am wally, and I have any integrity, I never play him again.

I say let him sit out the next game. If the Lions win next Sunday then he is avialable to you for the GC game.

What is right? A broken leg. A Calgary player maybe never plays again. Can you Lions fans forget about winning? What is right? Buono should do something to Jimenez. Does the union run the Lions? Or does Buono? If Jimenez appeals Buono can put him on the bench. If Buono stands up. If Buono does what is right. IF IF IF

Retrievil I have an idea. Change your picture. Make it Jimenez.

Saskatchewan's defence, although good, is not as fierce as Toronto's.

You need him for the Grey Cup. I think the Lion's with a back-up will be able to get by the Riders.

Sit him out of the WDF.

Big Dog. Can you forget about winning. This week. Next week. Next year. What about this? What about what is right? The Lions are a great football team. Are they more than that. We will see. Buono can do what is right. IF he wants to.

Sorry Dude, I didn't see the now infamous play - black-out in Vancouver for that game - so I can't comment on how bad it really was - I wish the league would show us all the evidence so we the fans can judge fairly based on our own assessment.

Did you, or have you seen the hit or are you commenting based on someone else's perspective? Not trying to pick a fight here, I just don't know for sure and if the league is going to suspend a player, they should make it crystal clear how they came to that conclusion.

Let's see the tape.

Broken leg. Torn up ankle. Career maybe over. 25 yard penalty. Ejection. Thats enough. No film on OJ Simpson. Need to see tape on OJ.

In court do you need tape. You need a witness. That is all. The ref is a witness. Not just a penalty. Ejection. Broken leg. Is that enough?

This idiot gets to pick which game? Thats ridiculous.

A.P., don't you want to see the tape?

If he does appeal I hope they speed up the process so that he misses this weekends game regardless.

Being a Rider fan I hope he doesn't get the chance to play in the Grey Cup, I hope his team is gone by then.

I guess we will see if Jimenez is a man or a mouse.
At least Rasouli was man enough to accept his punishment.
He never ever conceded he deserved to be punished, but he accepted the punishment anyway.
If Jimenez accepts the one game suspension, and acknowledges his guilt, then he will have shown a touch of class.
If he appeals, and/or refuses to acknowledge any wrong doing, then his already much maligned reputation sinks further into the dumpster.

His choice!

Yes. But without tape I listen to witness. Ref is not a Stamp. Ref is not a Lion. Ref is not a Rider. 25 yards. Ejection. Broken leg. Torn up ankle.

If he appeals, I hope he gets 10x the punishment.

The ref made the call--DQ--25 yards.
The league has seen the tape--one game suspension.
Eyewitness LION fans say it was a nasty, dirty hit.
We have the injury to the player.
I would like to see the tape.
Maybe Austin would as well.
But I don't need the tape since the league has ruled.

If Jimenez appeals, I doubt it could go to appeal until after the Grey Cup...after that, who cares?

Appeal the ruling. It will take a month before it goes through the arbitration process.

If he appeals, and plays this week and the Lions win, and then sits during grey cup week he will be missing something very special. Not only that but he would not get any bonous money paid to the players, nor would ge get his mane etched on the Grey cup. Now that would be fitting and almost to funny. Go ahead Jimenez appeal. Big hero hitting somebody from behind, such a chicken shit!

This is what I hope. My 2 sons never have you for a teacher. Winning matters more than what is right.