Jimenez heavily critiazed in per game show

the color commintators heavily critzed jimeenez and the players assosiation on the pre game show between bomber/TO. They all agreed that Jimenez should be serving a suspension now and then have the hearing after the grey cup. They were also critical of the whole lions organization. They also said the leagu should be more worried about the injured player than defending the player that caused the injurey. The Jimenez hit was shown on TV and yes it was a dirty hit after the play and the ref had his eyes right on the play. Again this needs to be fixed. The head office needs more balls. :x

Yeah, I think that was somewhat expected, especially after reading Friedmans article

I saw the video and it didn't really show anything. I expected better footage to be honest, but I learned nothing from watching it.

And ya, it was obvious what the panel would say.

what part of the video wasn’t clear enough for you RLR. The fact that there were no other players around, the fact that you see Jimenez going low and rolling up the back of the guys leg. Or the fact the ref was looking right at it, and was pulling the flag out before the player stopped moving.

If that is the video that they had to go by when making the decisions (league and CFLPA), I can understand why his suspension was stayed until the off-season. Absolutely nothing there from what I could see.

Not saying it didn't happen, just saying the video wasn't exactly 'evidence' of anything other than the ref throwing the flag.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion. We shall see.

1 as they said the Ref's opinion is worth more then video as he is the paid official on field.

2 you can see the player rolling up the back of the calgary player's leg...what you don't see is Jimenez number until after the play stops.....but let me tell you what you are going to say. It was the BC player from the grassy knoll that rolled up the back of the legs and Jimenez was just there to see if the guy was alright.

Did you really expect some of these postes to say anything different???

Not really, and it is unfortunate.

...lol, RLR is making a sign to support Jimenez for crying outloud, are you so surprised by his opinion of the video...JJ could've been brandishing a shank and RLR would be still making his sign....

Here is the sign for you RLR


Do you by chance have a clip of the video ro? I ended up sleeping in and missing it.

I was gonna ask the same thing, Dust. Nice to see I'm not the only late sleeper. :smiley:

And I agree, the league is going to take a huge black eye for this. :roll: