Jimenez Appeals

Heard just a few minutes ago that Jimenez has appealed the suspension.

Obviously, he feels that he did nothing wrong, and that he played between the whistles.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out, both in final resolution and in time spent.

Well depending how long the CFL takes to respond, he probably will play against the Riders. But it will eventually go against him, so he either plays this week or next. However, if he truly thinks he did no wrong, he better give his head a shake. Perhaps the Leos think the Riders' are a bigger threat than anyone in the east. And guided him that way...

Hopefully the CFL moves the process along quickly this time, and hopefully they uphold the appeal, and he gets his arbitrator before the the game on Sunday.

Yes, hopefully, so your Riders have an increased chance of beating the Leos...right?

Im sorry what did he do? I missed what happened

And if you were a Rider fan you wouldn't want Jiminez suspended for this game...right??

You take every advantage you can get.

the article on the tsn website says that his suspension will likely be "stayed" until the offseason, allowing him to play both the Western Final and the Grey Cup (if the Lions advance).

If this is true, its a black mark on the CFL, for how long they took to make this decision and on their crazy rules.
It also goes to show the true character of Jimenez... truely

...Friedman's POV on this whole mess...

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/sportsblog/2007/11/jimenez_suspension_a_cfl_low_p.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/sportsblog/200 ... low_p.html[/url]

By and large the Lions are a better team with Jiminez playing, add to the fact that if this thing isn't dealt with before the West final, and the Lions win, he'll likely not be suspended until next year.

I don't think someone who takes out a players ankle and jeopardizes his career deserves any bonus money for playing in the Grey Cup.

Im hoping regardless of whether he plays this game that his team is eliminated anyways.

Read that earlier today and couldn't help but shake my head... Ridiculous.

What amazes me is some of the comments from some of the low class scum following the report. I won't call these morons Lions fans because quite frankly anybody who makes comments like that are simply not sportsfans, period!

I hope they make a decision Saturday night.. and then he has to miss Sundays game.

If he actually thinks he did nothing wrong, then that is actually gross.

Actually as a CFL fan, I would want to see the best the other team has to offer. That's why I cheered for the Riders on Sunday, I want to see the Lions beat the 2nd best team.

Maybe I'd be grasping at any chance if my team hadn't won anything for the last 20 years, but I doubt it. Winning based on the other teams misfortunes is not nearly as satisfying as beating a team at full strength.

Unfortunately not a big surprize. We can
be sure there will be more then one appeal if he loses.

I agree with your sentiments, I would like nothing more than to see every team healthy with their best players duking it out in a must win game.

I don't think Jiminez should play based on what he did, not because he's a good player. In an ideal world he doesn't make that hit/block or whatever you want to classify that sudden lack of judgement as, and this entire thing is no big deal and he plays.

Of course, in an ideal world everyone is a Rider fan too :wink:

If everyone e-mails Mr. Cohon, and Mr. Black, and whomever...and since Jiminez is appealling, and now that we know that there is no 1 game max. suspension, perhaps they could change the penalty to the remaining of the season. Wouldn't that shock Jiminez. He is lucky he only got one. The league's description, was Ilegal Rough Play,after the whistle,from behind.." But have to check on that one.

Retrievil. The pissant is Jiminez. Time to change. The Stamps player may not play football again.

Is there a vid out yet we can see. Im not fond of coming to a conclusion unless I see it myself. Some have said the refs said so and thats good for them....but arent they the same refs whole get dragged over the coals here every game for being blind etc? Sure Walby and the gang said the same, but there is no way I just blindly take someones word. Im a gotta see it kind of person. I know this forum is full of people who will assume the worst just because they want to and thats sad.

All that being said, I figure he probably did do the crime and thats a pretty crappy thing to do. If the allegations are true, and his intent was malicious, he probably does deserve more of a suspension.

Last thing, the league has a policy in place that all players can use to appeal stuff like this. It is their right to do so as laid out by the league rules and regulations. Some have said it is classless to appeal, but I ask you how many professional athletes wouldnt play if they could in a big game? Sure Rasoulli opted to accept his punishment, but it was just a regular season game. I dunno what to say more about this. Maybe the league should change their policy (obviously have to make a deal with the players union first) and speed up handing out fines/suspensions and have only certain infractions worthy of an appeal. Its kind of a crappy situation all around.

Hear you Wut. But the ref did not only throw flag. 25 yards. Ejection. Broken leg. Torn up ankle. That is more than ref making judgement. Does that kind of witness matter?