Jim Zorn

As someone who has followed Jim's career as a player and coach I hope he has the chance to become the coach of the Alouettes. I have also known him for many years. So I will admit to my bias in support of him without apology. I also think the fans of the team would like him as well. He is a solid football coach with a sound offensive football mind. He brings a ton of enthusiasm and passion to the table, and cares for his players. He loves the game. But what he stands for as a person is even better. He is a principled man who strives to do things the right way and speaks and acts with integrity. A rock solid leader as a head coach and will do his very best to help the Alouettes continue to be a winning team and make sure that they represent the city of Montreal well on and off the field. I hope they make a decision soon and it is him they choose to go with.

I am still completely puzzled a) why Chris Jones was not selected 3 wks. ago and b) why the heck the process is taking so long.

However at this point, from the little I know of him, I think Jim Zorn would be the best choice. And hopefully he will be a complete coach who will also emphasize defence and special teams.

Als may have decided they want to go with an offensive focus; Jones may not have impressed with his plans in that regard.

Or he simply may not be a good Head Coach candidate; Greg Marshall was a great defensive coordinator but couldn't get it done as a head coach. No all coordinators would cut it as a head coach. It is also possible that he interviewed but never had any intention to leave TO. Those who know, will not tell.

he was never interviewed. He stated this wasn't the right time for him. He's happy in Toronto and him and Jim Popp have a lukewarm relationship. One thing I've noticed is our recruiting on the defensive side of the ball is not as strong as it was when Jones was with the Als, yet he never got credit for any recruiting at the time... Can't wait to see how we get out of this jam Trestman put us in...

Si Zorn, Hawkins ou Miller devait être le prochain entraîneur-chef, j'ai alors très hâte de voir qui seront ses coordonnateurs. La clé des succès des Alouettes se trouvera là.

On a vu ce que Trestman est devenu lorsque dépourvu d'assistants ayant du métier dans la LCF.

Je suis surpris que Mark Nelson n'ait toujours pas trouvé preneur.

Rick Moffat ?@RickMoffat

Hearing Popp is heading back to Florida for more head coach candidate interviews with #Alouettes owner Robert Wetenhall. #CFL

Search not finished according to Jim Popp.

I can't imagine that "new' candidates will be interviewed; most probably they are/will see the front runner/probable choice and make a final decision within a few days. As Jim Popp has always mentioned, Mr.Wetenhall will make the final decision; before,he definitely wants to talk to Jim to gauge his recommendations.

Let's wait,again.


Yeah, I'd be surprised if they were actually interviewing new candidates. More likely, they're bringing in one or more of the finalists for another round of interviews.

Jones is also an excellent evaluator of talent and hits the road each year in search of talent for his defense as well as his team offense. Popp is the head guy in Montreal and with jones out evaluating talent with the eventual future as a GM makes he and Popp together an awful fit for both.
He put together a top defensive backfield in bringing in All Star Pat Watkins and headed to the arena circuit to grab up an out of football Horne and revived Ahmaad Carrol for one last run and has groomed Jahlil Carter signing him after only playing one arena football league game. adding veteran Boulay after 3 weeks of the CFL season was mostly for special teams but was able to use him in cover 2 packages with Matt Black the heir most likley to the starting safety spot as Younger will now be expendable after Horne, Carter, and Watkins have a year under their belt in the CFL a better and younger Matt Black can step in.

I disagree, Popp said last week they have had other NFL candidates try to get in on the process. My guess this is another round of candidates.

Pete Roussel ?@coachingsearch

I continue to hear Dan Hawkins is close to a deal with the Montreal Alouettes. http://CoachingSearch.com

I am going to have to be sold on Hawkins. From his Wiki:

"Prior to the 2009 season, Hawkins, under fire for his performance at Colorado thus far, publicly pledged "ten wins no excuses". The team ended that year with a 3–9 record. On November 26, 2009, Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn announced that Hawkins would return as head football coach for the 2010 season, despite an overall record at Colorado of 16–33.

On November 6, 2010, Colorado blew a 28-point fourth quarter lead over the Kansas Jayhawks and lost, 52–45, the biggest collapse in the 121-year history of Colorado football.[7] While still nursing that large lead in the fourth quarter, Hawkins continued to have his team throw the ball on offense instead of running out the clock, allowing Kansas time to mount its comeback. There has been widespread suspicion Hawkins made that choice because he was more concerned about his quarterback, son Cody Hawkins, breaking the school's all-time passing record than winning the game.[8]

After the Kansas loss, Hawkins was criticized for cutting his contractually-obligated post-game interview with radio station KOA short after just two questions and 27 seconds. After the interviewer asked him why Colorado didn't run the ball more to protect their shrinking lead, he dismissively replied, "We were playing football moving it both ways. A tough day. Thanks, guys."[9]

Hawkins was fired by the University of Colorado on November 9, 2010.[10] He was making approximately $1.5 million a year including incentives and base salary; his buyout was approximately $2 million.[7]"

On the other hand if Wetenhall and Popp see something in him, I guess he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully they are not picking the candidate who can best get along with Popp.

If Dan Hawkins is the choice, I definitely don't imagine Jim Zorn as QB Coach/Offensive Coordinator; Turk Schonert could then be the QB Coach/Offensive Coordinator under Hawkins.

I still can't imagine that someone else/"new' is being interviewed as possible Head Coach; if so,it will take another 2 weeks for a decision. I imagine candidates being interviewed for Coordinators/Assistants, but not as Head Coach. If so,the process is a joke.

As I wrote last week, I expect an announcement/press conference-Head Coach and coaching staff- possibly February 20,2013 and no later than February 22,2013.


Well a couple points I would make. If his son was about to break the school's all time passing record he must have been doing some good things... Also his record at Williamette was 40-11-1 where he took a 5-4 team and brought them to 13-1 and then at Boise 53-11 at that point he was the hottest coach in the NCAA with a .775 winning percentage. In Colorado the media soured on him mostly because of a rash of bad behavior by his players. He's still young for a HC and I think he's the kind of guy that would embrace being part of the Montreal community and be a year round coach. I think we would be very lucky to have him. Hawkins, Schonert or Miller,Thorpe and Nelson is a fine foundation for a coaching staff IMO.

I cant in any way see Schoenert with his background and having lost out as Head Coach coming here as an Assistant. Aint going to happen.

If you look at the Als last coordinators they ended up with HC jobs. Depending on the guy’s prospects and how much Mr. Wettenhaul is willing to pay it isn’t impossible. We will find out soon enough.

Yes,Turk Schonert may not be interessed in an assistant position with the Als,but he does not have many other options,should he be offered a position with the Als. He was never a Head Coach in the NFL and his last season in the NFL was with the Bills,in 2008. He came to Hartford Colonials in 2011, as QB Coach,but the Team ceased operations; then went to Las Vegas Locomotives and,in 2012, to Sacramento Mountain Lions. He was Head Coach for a few games. Nobody knows if UFL will operate in 2013. Given that he just turned 56 and there may be no other position, I definitely think that he would gladly accept an assistant position with the Als,if one is offered.


I hope he is the guy too though all the candidates are fine choices.

Great night with Etienne, Danny and the Grey Cup tonight. Goodbye my love. :cry: See you in Regina.

Schonert has his NFL pension, is partners in a Technology Co., a Stanford education, owns thoroughbred horses, 10 years NFL salary somewhat salted away, I doubt if he`s desperate for a job.


I also want assistants who are invested in the CFL and are not going to run back to the U.S. after one season.

Has nothing to do with desperation. He enjoys coaching and can work with Quarterbacks in the off season and take care of his other interests. You think Hawkins or Zorn need CFL money LOL !