Jim would have hired Hue Jackson or Steve Fairchild.

Had the Als acted quickly when Trestman walked. Hawkins would have never gotten the job.

«Il y a beaucoup de facteurs qui expliquent cette situation, on ne peut s’en cacher. Il y a eu beaucoup de changements. Marc Trestman a été un excellent entraîneur, mais quand il a quitté (pour la NFL), il est parti avec toute l’équipe d’entraîneurs. On a dû repartir à zéro. Puis, on a pris trop de temps pour le remplacer. Ç’a été trop long. On a perdu notre meilleur candidat. Hue Jackson, le coordonnateur offensif des Bengals de Cincinnati aurait fort probablement été notre entraîneur-chef si nous avions agi plus rapidement. Steve Fairchild, le coordonnateur offensif de Virginia aurait probablement été notre prochain choix, mais nous l’avons perdu aussi parce que nous avons pris encore trop de temps. Mais on l’a perdu.»
This is by far the longest and most detailed interview ever given by Jim. [url=http://www.985sports.ca/lecteur/audio/football-lcf-le-resume-des-propos-de-jim-popp-294987.mp3]http://www.985sports.ca/lecteur/audio/f ... 294987.mp3[/url] (Condensed) [url=http://www.985sports.ca/lecteur/audio/football-lcf-jim-popp-dg-et-entraineur-chef-co-294973.mp3]http://www.985sports.ca/lecteur/audio/f ... 294973.mp3[/url] (part one 40 minutes) [url=http://www.985sports.ca/lecteur/audio/football-lcf-jim-popp-dg-et-entraineur-chef-co-294974.mp3]http://www.985sports.ca/lecteur/audio/f ... 294974.mp3[/url] (part two 33 minutes)

Il devrait en tirer leçon et chercher dès à présent son propre successeur, plutôt que de prolonger la misère de l'équipe jusqu'à la fin de 2016.

Wetenhall needs to stay the eff out of football operations. The next head coach after Popp had better be someone POPP hires in a timely fashion.

It's funny that I was ripped repeatedly on this forum for being critical of the org taking too long to make hires, and now here's Jim confirming that this was indeed a problem in retrospect.

Comme quoi on peut avoir des vues différentes sur une situation, et parfois en tirer des conclusions une fois que les faits sont passés. En cette matière, il n'y a pas de science exacte. Espérons que tous en auront tiré la bonne leçon.

Yes, exactly. Nobody's perfect, nobody has all or even most of the answers. So next time, let people express their opinions, even if they're not what you want to hear. :wink:

That's why. I am happy that the team came to a swift decision. It clipped the "mob's" wings before they could set their agenda. Also have a ton of respect for Jim agreeing (likely at Mark Weightman's request) to go and sit down with the media guy who's been THE MOST VICIOUS in his comments about Jim Popp. Jim's grown a lot as a professional, not once in this long interview did he lose his cool or become aggressive.

A bit of humble pie will be good for everybody in the Als org. I think it will make them stronger going down the road. Also doubt the owner will ever make the mistake of hiring a HC behind his GM"s back.

Aaaanyway, enough troll-feeding and back to the topic. :lol:

I'm disappointed that Jim is coming back as the head coach but I have to accept it. It is what it is. As I said in another thread, the one thing that gives me some hope is Anthony's potential and development as a coach. Not only did he do a good job under intolerable conditions, he really seems to understand how he needs to grow and evolve as a coordinator. Him openly acknowledging (at the presser) that he has to make his voice heard and not take BS was wonderful to see. There are no guarantees, obviously, but IF AC can take that next step (with the benefit of a full offseason to develop a playbook and a vision for the offense) and our QBs can stay healthy, we might not be such a sad-sack case in 2016.

I think somebody spiked AC's water with cocaine or something like it :lol:

But this interview kind of gives you an idea of how the team is configuring its coaching staff going forward.

Popp: To make sure Coaching staff has all the tools it needs. Assure there is harmonious relationship between staff and staff and players.
Coordinators: To focus on their X & O's provide a vision of what they want to be as a unit and ultimately as a team.

Team to develop and promote from within if and whenever possible.

The problem I have with that arrangement, as I've said before, is that Popp isn't capable of providing the Xs and Os oversight when needed. And that kind of supervision is important to the team's success. The successful head coaches -- the guys like Hufnagel, Austin, Jones -- have no problem delegating but are also fully capable of stepping in during a game and taking control of a unit if they see a problem that needs addressing. And that type of control can be the difference between a win or a loss at a critical time of the year. So really, I just hope that our coordinators develop fast enough that in a few years, we can promote one of them to HC and get that real oversight back.

True, but it can also be a negative. Look in Hamilton for example where Austin has NEVER, EVER believed in spending time putting a running game together, his lack of a balanced attack is going to get his team crushed in the post season. Anyway for a football team to be successful everyone has to be doing a great job. We know Thorpe and Reed will work out and there is some real tangible signs that AC if Dinwiddie sticks around can put together a great offense. I don't know that we can manage to keep him with openings in Winnipeg, Saskatchewan or possibly other (like Hamilton if Condell gets promoted). I would also like to see AC and Popp convince Ben Cahoon taking the job of receivers coach with Bolduc handling Quality control for Offense and ST. I think that would be a great staff.

That's a good point, but hey, Austin has Grey Cup rings as both OC and HC and has taken the Cats to the final the past two years. I'd take that "negative" any day of the week. :smiley:

I would also like to see AC and Popp convince Ben Cahoon taking the job of receivers coach with Bolduc handling Quality control for Offense and ST. I think that would be a great staff.
Agreed. I don't think Bolduc is up to the task of coaching pro receivers but he'd be fine as a QC guy. Cahoon would be the ideal choice to coach the receivers.

Ces conjectures sont bien intéressantes, mais il faut réaliser alors que la seule issue pour le remplacement de Popp est une promotion à l'interne. J'en viens donc à la conclusion que si ça devait arriver, pourquoi retarder cette promotion à la saison 2017? La seule raison que je verrais est que les résultats de l'équipe d'entraîneurs en place ne peuvent pas encore être vraiment évalués puisqu'ils n'ont pas encore travaillé avec une attaque digne de ce nom, avec un quart qui est capable de la bien diriger. Selon les résultats de l'équipe dans un contexte plus normal, il serait plus facile de décider de maintenir l'équipe en place ou de faire passablement table rase de celle-ci.

Yes, and it's likely that 2016 is the litmus test for Popp and this stable of coaches. Almost all of the staff is already in place. There is no uncertainty, except for maybe bringing in a receivers coach to let Bolduc focus on QC (and if Dinwiddie leaves, we obviously need a new RB coach). Other than that, the staff is set and should be able to hit the ground running in the months ahead. We have a decent core of QBs in Glenn, Cato, Bridge, Boone, and possibly LeFevour if he's healthy and the org wants him back. Assuming we get rid of Crompton, Marsh, Stamps, etc. we'll have a good group of returning players and some potential game-breakers in Cunningham and Hoffman. So there will be absolutely no excuses for not fielding at least an average offense in 2016. If we spend the whole season doing what we've been doing for the past three years, then we might get a wholesale purge and a true reset button pushed.

This is pure Popp revisionist strategy.
He was going to recommend Jackson? And Wetenhall delayed?
Trestman quit Jan 16
Hawkins and that staff was hired Feb 19.
Jackson was fired in January in Oakland iand hired by Cincinnati Feb 17.

So in two days they went away from Jackson and hired Hawkins and a swath of others? OK.

Thanks for posting the interview HfxTC, more a cross examination than an interview. If focusing on language, at least give Popp a little more credit for the 15 or so Quebec players on the roster. And ask some normal questions also - who will be your 2016 QB, what positions need improvement, etc.

You`re right, Popp handled it very calmly, he probably should have popped him one.

Can you imagine a 49 year old Don Matthews or Pat Burns being grilled like that. :lol:

It gave Jim Popp an opportunity to explain many things and it appears he went into even more details regarding his move back to North Carolina in private to Langlois. Shows how much Popp wants this to work to put himself through that kind of torture.

Popp handled the interview very well.
Almost shocking at how the interview agenda was really about the hiring a Quebecois.
No where in the world of NA sports would local hiring be the focal point. Speaks volumes as to the volatility of survival of franchises there.

Jackson's hiring was announced on February 17 but who knows when the talks started. Doubt that once engaged in talks with a NFL team he was also open to a CFL position.

Let's worry about the future and not the past,which we can't change.


We are talking about the future in a way. Jim Popp used this opportunity to explain in details just about everything that happened in this organisation over the last 5 years. I'm a lot more comfortable going forward as a fan going forward knowing what I know now. Only thing left unexplained was Higgins hiring which he was not part but even he understood that by that late hour, Higgins was the only experienced guy unemployed.

I also appreciated Calvillo's candor. I can't really explain how he feels he let Schonert down when Schonert wanted no part of him as QB coach. IMO it was Schonert's job to seek out Calvillo not the other way around. He did explain to Gallo that he was conflicted about giving his opinion as it may have been seen as "back stabbing" which makes sense and points to how dysfunctional everything was.

I'm hoping this is the beginning of an era of transparency that I've been asking for a long time about this team.