Jim Trimble Passes Away at 87

One of the greatest coaches the Hamilton Tiger-Cats have ever had, Jim Trimble, has passed away at the age of 87. You can click here for an article on this sad news.

My condolences go out to his family, friends and acquaintances.

Thanks for the link. Jungle Jim played a big part in the CATS history. Fondly remembered....

#1 I skipped school from Westdale S.S. in Grade 10 (1956)to attend a Jim Trimble sponsored coaching clinic for High School Coaches at the McMaster Drill Hall. He was a gracious man but I spent the whole afternoon watching 6mm films of his Philadelphia Eages games.
#2 Attending a Ticat vs Bombers Grey Cup in 1958 or 1959, I saw the pregame Cats shivering and trying to warm their fingers while the Bombers were all rolling up their sleeves. We lost.

A big loss for the sporting world.
My thoughts are with the family.

Sad very Sad to hear :frowning:
My condolences

A very sad thing to hear this morning. My condolences to the Trimble Family. Coach "Jungle" Jim Trimble is a part of the history of the Tiger Cats. I think the intense rivalary we have with Winnepeg is a direct result of his coaching and the Trimble/Grant era. A true Ticat he will be missed. A final Oskee Wee Wee for you Coach. God Bless

Sad to hear. He was a bit before my time but I remember my mom talking about him a lot. She told me that he should have been in the Hall of Fame but he wasn't inducted because he wasn't a touchy feely sort of guy. Big loss to sports and my condolences go out to his family.

What a great TiCat coach he was. :frowning: Sad day.

"Jungle" Jim Trimble, is emblazoned in my mind as THE Head Coach of the Tiger Cats during the time of my youth. There are so many fond memories from his era.

Like Cheergirl1985, I, too, remember so well our intense rivalry with Winnipeg
and Jim Trimble's rivarly with their Head Coach, Bud Grant.

My condolences to the Trimble Family.

My condolences go out to the Trimble family. He is a Ti-Cat legend and will be missed greatly.

This has been an off-season of many losses for the CFL... Trimble, Stukus, Claridge.

But appreciation for the game lives on because of people like them, and that's a fitting tribute.

Jim Trimble was arguably the reason I started cheering for the Ticats when I was six.

Of course my parents and older siblings were already Ticat fans because of Trimble's success.

While it must be a very sad day in the Trimble family, I never think of the passing 87-year-olds as sad. Anytime someone with Jim's resume passes at 87 my reaction is to celebrate a life well lived!

You and I can only hope we have a fraction of Jim's accomplishments, and that we live to somewhere close to 87 years. :slight_smile:

Well, since Jim Trimble was before my time, there is not very much that I can say to eulogize him. But there are a few things I can mention. I first heard of him years ago before an East Divsion final between the Ticats and Blue Bombers. The rivalry between the teams was brought up, and that's when I became familiar with who Trimble was, and what his accomplishments were. And when people discuss your accomplishments decades after they happened, then I'm sure you can consider yourself quite a success.

Another thing that I could mention about him was that earlier on, it was suggested that we have names of coaches on the wall of honour. And I also remember one individual saying that if one coach could have his name up there, that coach would be Jim Trimble. There have surprisingly not been many debates as to who the best coach we've had was here. But if there were, I'm sure Trimble's name would be mentioned many times.

I don't know as much about him as some people here might. But I did learn more from what other people has to say about him. And I look forward to hearing more about him from those who remember him. I'm sure those people would like future generations of Ticat fans to know about him.

I was a season ticket holder in the days of Jim Trimble, and remember him with great respect.
I don't think you can rank the coaches. They all dealt with different players, different opponents, different styles of game being played.
Others are correct in placing emphasis on the battles between Jim Trimble and Bud Grant. When they met, it was a duel between giants, and the whole country got wound up, as they never did for any other combination of teams and coaches.

Great coaches of the past?... Voyles, Trimble, Sazio, the list goes on up to the present. Best to remember each for their own accomplishments, without the need to rank them.

Thank you, Wilf, for sharing those memories. That was something that I wanted to hear about. And although it might be hard to rank the different coaches we have had, it does seem that it's safe to say Trimble was one of the best, if not the best we've had.

Thanks again.

As a bit of an add-on to my reference to Trimble and Grant..... Something I referred to in the old site.

Living here in Elliot Lake, which is basically a retirement community, we have neighbours who came here from all over, mainly from southern Ontario, but literally everywhere, including the U.S. and Europe.
A few years ago one of my neighbours was walking past my house, saw the Ticat on my license plate, and came up to talk. He had come here from Winnipeg, and was a longtime Bomber fan. We got talking about Trimble, Grant, Kenny Ploen, Garney Henley, Ralph Sazio, etc.
Most enjoyable. Moral of the story...Hang on to the memories of today's teams and players... They will remain with you for years and will be just as enjoyable when relived years in the future.

My name is Susan VanNostrand. I am one of Jim Trimble's daughters. Since my Dad died last Tuesday, my brothers and sisters and I have been reading all the articles on the internet. They were all interesting - but nothing compares to the heartfelt feelings of football fans. It has been wonderful to read your stories and we thank you for your thoughts and wishes. The Canadian years were great ones for the Trimble family. I still proudly say - "I used to live there". Wilf is right - hang on to your memories - relive and savor them in the future. Again, thank you for your kind words about my Dad. My son Zach was very close to his grandfather. He would love to hear more of your 'Jim Trimble' stories!

I suggested that Jim Trimble stories be shared to let future generations of fans know more about him. Becuase I was going to say that a true Ticat fan knows Ticat history. :slight_smile: But now it looks like we have a different reason to share these stories.

This certainly could not have been easy for your family, Susie, but I do hope that hearing compliments about him has helped.

I am Jim Trimble's youngest daughter,Mary, born in Hamilton during his coaching stint there. His Tiger Cat years were happy and challenging for him -- fondly remembered and discussed for many years to come.

Reliving my father's early football history over the last few days has brought many old stories back to all our memories and the Hamilton era was full of great ones. We were fortunate to be able to gather and share those all again at his memorial, the only thing missing was my father's "colourful" additions to ANY football story.

Our family thanks everyone for the many kind thoughts and wishes. He would be proud to know he is remembered so well.

It is so gratifying to read comments from Jim's family. We should feel honoured that they would take the time to acknowledge those of us who have memories of him.
Susan says she would like to hear more stories..... So, she will remember one of the years that Hamilton and Winnipeg were to meet in the Grey Cup. Somewhere down in the States there was a criminal named Tom Dooley, who was being executed for crimes. A popular song entitled "Hang down your head, Tom Dooley" was widely popular.
Some DJ in Winnipeg had a record made of a song to the same tune entitled "Hang down your head, Jim Trimble" with appropriate words of derision for Jim and the Ticats.
It was all in good fun, but you couldn't believe the plays it got on radio across the country.Susan will remember that for sure, and the fact that her dad's name was on the lips of the entire country.

I wish I could pinpoint more specific memories, but suffice to say that I remember him as a giant among those whom we had the privilege of watching at what he did so well.

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