Jim Taylor

RIP Jim. A great writer and a true friend of the CFL.

He was my favourite sports writer, and will be truly missed.


RIP Jim Taylor - your were one of the great ones covering canadian sport, writing great books, etc.

fwiw - here’s a list of my favorite canadian sportswriters over the last 50 or so years.

  1. Jim Hunt (nobody wrote things down better, nobody was better on radio)
  2. Jim Coleman
  3. Jim Taylor
  4. Jack Matheson (Winnipeg Tribune, CJOB Radio Winnipeg)
  5. Doc Blanchard (Winnipeg Free Press)
  6. Jim Matheson (Edmonton)
  7. Stephen Brunt
  8. Red Fisher (wrote a ton of hockey books, some say too many)
  9. Peter Gzowki & Scott Young (Gzowski was a CBC/Macleans Magazine everyman but did a couple fine sports books; Young (Neil Young’s dad) was an old hack sportswriter in Toronto for decades, wrote some great pieces & books.

Scott Young was far from an “old hack sportswriter.” He was one of the greatest sports columnists this country has seen.