Jim Speros - Former Baltimore Stallions Owner

I was watching the Caps/Penguins game tonight. After Brooks Laich scored the second Cap's goal they showed his brother in the crowd. To his right was a guy that I recognized but couldn't quite place the face as it looked a little older than the last time I had seen it. After freezing the frame I realized it was Jim Speros - former Baltimore Stallions owner. Good to see he is still around. I googled him and found out what he is doing now. If anyone is interested here it is.

[url=http://www.executivebiz.com/newsletter-executives-detail.php?who=jsperos&d=051006]http://www.executivebiz.com/newsletter- ... s&d=051006[/url]

Jim was certainly good for the league and had a lot of passion for the CFL.

Gee Gerry, good eye.....I thought Speros was a pretty good CFL owner.......

Yes one of the good guys, but he had no money of his own.