Jim Popp

Congradulations! I never witnessed a terrible coach but a good man as Tom Higgins. Alex Brink who can't throw past 20 yards was money 15 yards and less but didn't get the opportunity for the 2 point convert. Alex make use of your college degree cause you are not a QB anymore for the Alouettes. Jim it's time to train Jeff Garcia. Crompton and Marsh can backup. It's serious. This team continues to lose like this, will lose the fanbase.

I didn’t think we would put up less than 5 points on offense this week. That’s 3 games in the last 4 where the offense puts up Hockey type numbers.

Actaully the Offense moved the ball in the first quarter until Whitaker fumbled. Then it was back to the same old thing.

Stand in the pocket and fire 20+ yards and hope.... not hard for the Riders D to defend.

At the Brink of disaster.

If i'm coach SJ Green gets benched one game as punishment for that idiotic penalty he took 30 yards away from the play.

Yup...he couldn't catch anything either.

SJ can catch. Brink can't pass long. He overthrew like crazy. At least we know. Time to move on to Jeff Garcia, then Marsh or Crompton if needed. Someone needs to step up. If Alex could complete a couple of longer plays, combined with the shorter passing plays like in the 1st half, he'd be alright.

He Can catch but in he past he would’ve caught 1 or 2 of tonite’s passes.

P.s. Jeff Garcia WAS a great QB. He wouldn’t make a diff…not at 44 yrs old. Concussion waiting to happen.

QB carrousel until someone has a good game. I would start with Jeff Garcia and continue from there. I enjoyed tonight's game though. It's too bad for Alex. First 1/2, a Whyte field goal and a non fumble by Whittaker and it was excellent. These two made up for it later on. Whittaker got us in Sask's territory with 2 minutes left. SJ Green set us back and Brink was awful to get us downfield quickly. I knew it was over after the Green penalty. And when Brink showed his awfullness in the second half, why wasn't Crompton or Marsh in.

I feel quite confident after this game. I believe Garcia has already made a mark on the team as witnessed by it. In the first quarter the team started with both Whitaker and Sutton in the backfield. Whitaker was explosive with his runs and Sutton took some great screen passes. For the first time this season I felt there was a system in place as there was a focus on the run and, Brink was limited to the short passing game and, following Garcia's instruction, Brink did some planned running. This unfortunately was spoiled by Whitaker's fumble. They should have obtained their first TD in several games. Unfortunately the team did not stick with this attack and, reverted in the second half to the usual overthrown long passes.
Why in the world they did not stick with this running game was unbelievable. They missed out by infrequent use of Sutton and, the 2 QB system. Brink is capable of running, he's no world beater but, he was able to contribute to a system that was not the two and out we have seen too often this year and, the team was able to move the ball down field at times. Our defense was certainly up to the task.
In summary, the two back system did work, when they used it and, this game was indeed in doubt until the final minutes. I would hope the team will use Sutton along with Whitaker and, this system cab even function with Brink at QB. I just cannot understand why they abandoned the 2 back system? I would give Popp credit for the coaching enhancement that he brought to the team. Contrary to what some other's say, our GM is moving to bring additional strength to the team.

They managed to moved the ball in the first quarter, as you made mention utilizing both Sutton and Whitaker. And Brink used his legs as well. As soon as Whitaker fumbled, that was more or less it for the running attack.
Second half was the same play calling we have witnessed all season. Second and long, Brink in the pocket trying to throw for the big play.
How many 2 and outs in the second half?
How many INT's? He throws one to Green where they were lucky and got the PI call. Next play, tries to go back to Green deep with 3 Rider defenders around. INT !!
And how many penalties did the Als have? Several and the one by Green was costly after the big gain by Whitaker.
Green dropped at least two passes that were catchable as well.

I would agree with you that the Als showed promise in the first quarter.

I saw the same style of play calling after the first quarter as I have seen their previous games. To me that is not promising.

Riders offense did not have a strong game either. Durant missing several times and receivers dropping passes.
If they were all on, do not think this game would have been as close as it was.

Non fumble?

That was a fumble by Whitaker no doubt about it. And a costly one at that. Als were moving the ball and down to the Riders 20. He fumbles and Riders end up with the ball at mid field.
Took the wind out of the Als sails. (what little wind they actually had)


This is a toe in the water for Garcia to move into coaching. Not only do I not believe he would make an appreciable difference on the field but doing so would make his interest in coaching look insincere and self-servicing.

Jim Popp on Als this week.


Popp kinda threw Higgins under the bus there. There just seems to be no connection there between the 2. If Montreal loses on Friday, is Higgins gone? Why has Johnny not started any Fire Higgins/Popp/Dinwiddie threads?
Can someone tell me why the OC was fired in training camp? Must have been something pretty serious, because that was a pretty stupid thing to do.

Having Sutton and Whitaker now already made a difference in the first half. having both in the game to have the option to run the Ball, screen for run, swing pass combo with Brink running as well.
getting some points on the board early would have kept them out of the come from behind mode forcing things downfield.
Getting a lead and using the run and short pass option's that Brink can do as well as Brink running if the defense does not play honest and account for him. A game plan that will work. It just did not happen this game with missed oppruitiunites early. Now that there is a plan the oppuritunities will begin to get converted.

I do hope the team gets back to the two back system. Sutton looked good last year.AS for QB, I would give Marsh some QB play. He demonstrated ability to run last season. I still think Smith is the best of the three and a game planning should feature Smith running the ball on occasion. When he returns. Perhaps the staff, knowing of his injuries, advised him not to run. This team will have potential if the QB utilizes Sutton and Whitaker. Our defense is solid. Its time to use all our brain power to get the offense moving again,