Jim Popp

I guess all the years of negotiating with agents has taught Jim how to play the game when working on his own contract. He is trying to create some leverage for himself. However I cannot see him going to the Redskins as a personnel guy. They have an official GM in Bruce Allen and Head Coach Shanahan is the de facto GM. Popp would be too much of a small fish in a big sea there.
I imagine Popp and Mr. Wetenhall are negotiating as we speak , and I would expect him to extend before training camp.
But you know what, with all that he has done for the franchise since 1996, Mr. Popp is entitled to all he can get.

I agree with your take, and yes he also deserves it.

We need Popp re-signed. If Wethanal watches his investment he should know that Popp has an eye for talent and he is one of the main reasons the Als stay competitive year after year. This is what makes Wethanal money. So what if he has to give Popp what he is looking for, it's an investment, just like his investment in the team. Get it done boys and get Popp locked up long term.

It was nice to hear from Larry Smith's mouth that he hopes in the next couple of days or weeks we will hear some good news. The globe and mail also wrote a article that Popp and the Al's were close to a extension.

Yeah, I saw that too. TSN picked up the story yesterday. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that Popp will remain our GM for a long time to come! :rockin:

Si on veut garder Popp, Wetenhall devra peut-être penser à le prendre comme partenaire! Sérieusement, Larry Smith n'est pas le genre de gars à boulechiter les media. Il livre honnêtement le fond de sa pensée, et si les négociations n'avançaient pas, il dirait qu'ils sont toujours en négociation.

Popp mérite tous les sous qu'on peut lui payer, mais encore faut-il que l'équipe génère ces revenus.

Alors s'il est confiant qu'une entente pourrait être bientôt annoncée, c'est que les choses avancent, mais qu'elles ne sont pas terminées. Ça semble confirmer les rumeurs qui provenaient de "rue Frontenac" la semaine dernière.

Pour ce qui est du fait que Popp a mis sa maison de Montréal en vente, il y a peut-être aussi une décision d'affaire, là-dedans. La spéculation immobilière de Montréal semble s'essouffler, alors c'était un bon timing pour encaisser un beau profit non-imposable.

Word is that Bob and Larry have called for a very important news conference for demain. Could it be Popp contract has been extended or…he’s going to the Eskimos!!! :o

Perhaps Jim Popp going to the Washington Redskins rings a bell.

Popp officially extended through 2014 season: http://en.montrealalouettes.com/article ... alouettes_


Just read the article and I'm pleased for Jim Popp.