Jim Popp will be head coach in 2008!

According to an interview he did with RDS:


He will be the head coach in 2008. He says that he paid some of the bills in the early days (1996 when the owner would not pay them) that he was never reimbursed and that there would be no Alouettes without him. Ok, I admit that the Alouettes owe him A LOT! The fans owe him a ton as well.
But, that does not give him the right to sink the team just because he wants to play coach. Smith or Wettenhall have to put on their pants and tell Popp to go back to what he does best (which is not coaching).

He also claims that the bosses (Smith and Wettenhaul) asked HIM to take over the job, not the other way around.

When asked about the Strickland situation he replied that he won't let guys like Strickland screw up his plan...He dosen't kiss anyone's a r s e and players are getting to appreciate his honnesty.

He claims the team is going in the right direction.

So Smith said this morning there would be no change at HC till the end of the season. Popp pipes in and states he's in till the end of 2008.

As far as his comments about him paying the bills before Wettenhaul came onboard. I think he was trying to point out how much this team means to him.

One thing's for sure he's a straightshooter and if he can surround himself with a better staff who knows. One thing is for sure, he's not planning to step down.

I think I can summarize how most of the als fans feel in one word. It starts with f and ends with k, rhymes with luck, and isnt firetruck

Yeah for sure. I have mixed feelings. I would like a guy who's worked so hard be successful.There is a lot of young guys on this team and there were a lot of injuries

On the other hand the way Matthews and Strasser were "disposed" of. I know for a fact that the offers received by the guys who decided to retire were ridiculous to the point that they were unacceptable. The lack of adjustements on the field. The lack of size at the receiver position and the constant musical chair at Linebacker position makes me think he was not ready to take on this job.

It is in the players hands now...all I can say.

Wonderful… another miserable year next year.
We need a coach not a pencil pusher.

Frustrated fan here.

if true-- one pair of seats section W row 16
available for next season