Jim Popp to the Colts?


Big development if it has any legs to it...we shall see how the Colts GM race will shake down.

Oski Wee Wee,


Colts interviewing 7 candidates in 3 days. That's how its done :wink:

Russ: Wow! If he leaves Montreal that wil leave a huge hole to fill. Especially with Calvillo likely going into his last year and Milanovitch gone already. I sniff the East power centre shifting to Hamilton/Toronto.
Sorry 'bout that Winnipeg. :twisted:

I was on the Colts forum and this is being discussed there, a couple of us CFL fans stopped by to let them know what Popp had done in Montreal.If you get a chance check it out.

COLTS = Peyton Manning and without them, that team is in trouble. :o Then they need a real GM etc...

Payton is pretty much finished. Andrew Luck or RG3 is not a bad way to usher a new era. I think the reason they are talking to Jim is in the event they promote their player personnel guy. I can't see an NFL team doing a complete rebuild putting a guy with pretty much zero NFL experience in charge of their football team. Completely different financial system and competition is on a whole other level with 28 teams.

Competition is easier IMHO in a.28.team league where most view it's much more difficult to win compared with an 8 team league where you are expected each year to make the Grey Cup, again as most would perceive this.

Not when the team your taking over has finished dead last and your all star QB has had 3 operations on his spine. Not to mention your taking over from Poilian. Thos are big arz shoes to fill.

And if tbis was the CFL in an 8 team league, without PM, most would say they should still at.least make the playoffs. Whereas in Indy this year without PM, most.expected little I would say, less pressure.

I think Popp could do the job but I doubt he'll be given the opportunity. NFL teams are notoriously conservative and I don't think a team would take a chance on an "outsider" with little NFL experience.

Besides, as much as I detest Popp for the excellent job he's done in Montreal, he's good for the CFL.

An Argo-Cat fan

A good GM like any excellent human resource professional should be able to analyze talent when a manager of a department is trying to just hire their buddy. And then override.that decision of the middle manager if he is hiring the buddy that is not the best candidate.

Well, they are more conservative re GM hires, but there is a long litany of NCAA and CFL coaches (CFL to a far lesser extent) that have been hired by NFL teams as head coaches that have failed miserably vs. successful ones. The CFL-to-NFL front office hires have been much rarer.

Popp’s advantage over many is his extensive list of US connections re recruitment. He is one of the most connected guys in the business.

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Yup, players respect GM's that have given chances to marginal talent that just needed a chance to shine. I Would say.

The Indy Colts passed on Popp as GM..(although did hire former CFLer Ryan Grigson)


That should relieve alot of Colt's fans. Some of them were complaining in their forum that they didn't want "some 2nd rate GM from a 2nd rate league."

Even given their nationalist xenophobia, they should have at least said "FIRST rate GM from a 2nd rate league". . .

Fine by me. :smiley:

Don't understand why the Colts' fans got so down on Jim Popp. The guy can find and recruit talent. And that skill is not dependent on whatever league you come from. After all, Polian's son had a great lineage and that made little difference in his result. The team did end up hiring an exCFL person in the end anyways.

There is a Canadian who played in the CIS and worked in the CFL too. He's doing quite well now in the NFL as a GM. Among the accolades, he was awarded The Sporting News Executive of the Year two of the past three years.

Here's more on Thomas Dimitroff Jr. General Manager of Atlanta Falcons.

[url=http://canada.nfl.com/2011/12/21/guelph-gryphon-becomes-nfl-gm/?module=HP11_hot_topics]http://canada.nfl.com/2011/12/21/guelph ... hot_topics[/url]
8) "oldfan", do you not recall that Tom's father, Tom Dimitroff Sr. was also a Head Coach of the Hamilton
   Tiger-Cats ??

    Who do you think Jr. got his football smarts from ??

Who really cares a rats rectum about what the Americans and that overhyped NFL thinks?
Of course, other then other Americans and some wannabe insecure Canadians?