Jim Popp to be Interviewed by Carolina Panthers

[url=http://espn.go.com/blog/nfcsouth/post/_/id/43885/panthers-gm-search-may-cross-border]http://espn.go.com/blog/nfcsouth/post/_ ... oss-border[/url]

I speculated on this awhile ago. Certainly hope I`m wrong.

That one likely won't go our way.

In other reports, Jim Popp is not even mentioned.

I expect a promotion from within.


Worse comes to worse Desjardins can fill his shoes. Jim is a Carolina man. Would be a good fit.

Nah, if we happen to lose them both, let's think outside the box. Here's what I'll suggest:

General Manager: Richard Veilleux

Assistant GM: Niagara Als

Head Coach: disciplineandpunish

Offensive Coordinator: HfxTC

Defensive Coordinator: MadJack

Special Teams Coordinator: LeStaf

Offensive line: idealsheldon

Running backs: tony

Receivers: Jkm

Defensive line: The Piggyman

Linebackers: AlsPhil

Secondary: 234ever

Well, mj, at least we could count on that coaching staff to be around for some time! Ha! ha!

does this mean I would have to wear the track suit?! :wink:

Well, tony, since d&p is head coach, I think the dress code for the coaching staff should be up to him.

I`m only accepting offensive line coach if we resign Perrett!

And I see you left QB coach open. Do you have any other poster in mind? :smiley:

Not going there, sheldon !

I did give some, not a lot, thought into those choices. . . but if anyone wants to switch spots, feel free. . .

Richard I think clearly has the best handle on personnel, sms, etc, that I think he's best qualified as GM.

Niagara is our best number cruncher/stats guy so he fits well as assistant GM.

disciplineandpunish, if any players or coaches get out of line, is clearly the best qualified of us to impose the appropriate discipline and punishment.

I took D/C just because I wanted to . . .

234ever just because Tony Proudfoot was a defensive back, I figured he's for the secondary.

hopefully dp will give the dress code some serious consideration based on his GQ reportings this past season. :wink:

Yeah but we'd give you some new ones that fit without the burger grease stains :lol:

Senior :lol:

Don't worry boys, I'll make sure John Bowman never drops back into coverage again. Let's get him back to his traditional 12-sack seasons. :wink:

Madjack thanks for nominating me for Assistant GM, However, I am too old and have not the energy to run around the USA looking for recruits for our team.

Scroll back up Niagara. . . I think Richard as GM can do that running around, I think you're best suited to sit in the office and crunch numbers, at that you're the best of us all so your age shouldn't be a factor !!

O'bilovich is 73 and Shivers is close to 80. Plus the team lets their TOP guys work from home so a home is ok :lol:

thx. Hopefully they come in smaller sizes :wink:

Nope, track suits only in XXL so you can look billowy and carefree on the sidelines. :wink:

Thanks MadJack.

As defensive Coordinator,you will have to accept Shea Emry; I won't trade him to another team.