Jim Popp stayin on as Als Coach*

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General manager Jim Popp is taking over as head coach of the Montreal Alouettes on a full-time basis after guiding his team to the Grey Cup following Don Matthews' sudden resignation.

The Alouettes made the announcement Friday, saying Popp was the right man to handle both the football operations and the on-field product.

"Jim Popp is the architect of our football team," said Als president Larry Smith. "This will be a great opportunity for him to put his stamp on the entire product.

"We know he's a winner, we know he excels in his role and believe he is the best person to bring us closer to our ultimate objective of winning the Grey Cup."

The 41-year-old Popp, the team's GM for the last 11 seasons, inherited the coaching duties when Matthews left the organization on Oct. 4 because of stress and anxiety.

The Alouettes, 8-6 when Matthews left, split the last four games of the regular season and clinched first place in the East Division with a 24-20 comeback win over Toronto in their season finale.

Montreal followed that with a 33-24 win over the Argonauts in the East final before falling 25-14 to the B.C. Lions in the Grey Cup.

It was the Als' fifth Grey Cup appearance in the past seven years. Their only win came in 2002.

Montreal and B.C. are the only CFL teams with one person handling the head coach-GM roles. During Grey Cup week, Popp said he didn't necessarily want to the coach's job but would take it if the interview process found no one better.

"I don't have to have the limelight," he said then. "I'm a team and organizational man and I want the club that I work for to do well."

...don't know about this one.....wearing too many hats usually catches up with you...something is gonna suffer eventually....but if you have a winning record ...like Popp...you might pull it off.......................for awhile :wink:

so much for that bidding war between the ticats and Als for charlie taaffe...

maybe popp found out charlie as heading to hamilon, so decided to stay as coach for 1 more year???

Advantage the rest of the league.

He's got a steep learning curve ahead of him.

learning how to work on a daily basis with the different personalitys of his players, assistant coaches on the practice field and in games,

and making critical decisions
during games as a Head Coach.

...maybe he;s going to take on the asst. coaches job as well....now that Strasser has been given the boot....good luck Als... :lol:

The last time one man tried to be GM, head coach, AND offensive coordinator, it didn't go too well: Matt Dunigan.

I love Popp as as GM and recruiter of talent, but I am very skeptical of his ability as a head coach. He has no experience, and there are plenty of qualified candidates, so why is he doing this? I expect him to hire an O.C.; if he thinks he can wear all three hats, he's crazy.

i agree.

Lesson #1 Do not allow a QB to call the plays! History has shown (in all leagues) it's not a well thought out move.

I dont know about that Geo
Aside from this year AC has done pretty well with it.

GM and Head Coach is working out pretty well for Buono and the Lions.

Mr. Popp's a sharp guy, and he has top-notch assistants. He'll be fine.