Jim Popp speaks in tongues

“Something’s missing, or it’s a combination of things. But it’s more than the quarterback,? Popp said on Saturday, addressing the media at Olympic Stadium for one of the rare times this season, having spent most of the last two months on the road scouting NFL training camps and U.S. collegiate games.

“I don’t have coaches asking me for more players,? Popp continued. “On paper, we have a pretty solid group. Are they all playing at the level or is it the system not getting the most out of them? You could arguably say all that stuff.

“But I don’t have coaches saying to me we need better players. I don’t have players coming to me saying we’re not good enough.?

“At the close of last season, the way Troy was playing and the way the team was playing, the projection was — forget about this organization — there’s the next superstar in this league,? Popp said. “We’ve had a lot of change. When you talk about anybody at the quarterback position, Troy or anyone, we’ve had three head coaches and four offensive coordinators. That’s a lot of change. A lot of the terminology has changed.

“Does an individual have a future here? That’s upon a lot of people. Today, Jonathan Crompton’s our quarterback.?

Tommy boy, you are GONE the second this season is over. It's clear how Popp feels about the situation. I think Troy will get another chance next year to win the starter's job under a new HC and hopefully new OC.

Hopefully today's shellacking should seal the deal for our beloved HC who singlehandedly ruined the Als 2014 season.

Another example of popp absolving himself of all responsibility.

'The team I"VE assembled is good.
The team was good when I was the coach.
The players can come to ME if they think we need help
I"VE brought in the next superstar


A 36 year old washed up wife beater
No Canadian receivers
A NFL bound cry baby
Washed up Al retreads
Old defensive back end

yup a great job.

And I agree Higgins will be gone.

Well, I wouldn't go quite that far. Higgins didn't do this all by himself. :wink: He had ample help from everyone, starting with the idiot owners who hired him and the GM who petulantly played chicken with them in the offseason. Having said that, the two major decisions he made -- firing Worman and replacing Rychleski with himself as STC -- have turned out to be an absolute disaster for the team. We never recovered from the Worman firing, and some of us saw that coming. If you lose your OC in camp, you haven't got a chance for the rest of the year unless you have topnotch coaching and you have an elite veteran QB to shoulder the load. We had neither and here we are.

Higgins still has time to turn it around. He's got five games against his division rivals. I hope he does but it is a longshot.

It won't happen. He has already cost us games with his idiocy and the only thing he's proven, at this point, is that he is an incompetent relic from a bygone era. If he were capable of turning it around, we wouldn't be in the position we're in.

Hence, "the longshot" :lol:

Popp is right in concerns with the coaching movement over less than a two year period. Not just with the HC but with the OC and ST coordinator. It seems they finally found a good Teams coach and he was a full time teams coach. Rycholski had the coverage teams in gear. He could not control who the kickers were or the returners. He had to work with what was on the roster.
Finally grabbing Garcia was huge. Both playing and in recent coaching up a list of QBs that are making the move to the CFL. Turk as well with plenty of OC experience but not in the CFL. Having he and Garcia teaming up has made a huge difference.
Higgins at this point is likely just handling Special Teams during the game. With Garcia/ Shonert/ leading the offence with Dinwiddie. Thorpe has had control of the D.
Rogers finally given a shot has paid off not just as a returner but also an offensive weapon. Somehow Sean Whyte looks pretty good this season.

Hahaha...too much
Who leads the Als on the field for handshakes with the other team after the win??
Popp. After being in hiding for months.
What GM does that??

Bingo. Rychleski didn't have a good returner or a good punter. We have both this year, thanks to the Rogers signing and Whyte improving his offseason training regimen. And yet ST are still a mess of penalties, errors, and lack of field position. That's a damning indictment of Higgins in that role.

You could be right.
However I personally do not see evidence of that.
Penalties , errors on ST have been a mess all year throughout the league but don't know how to break out the penalties.

punting is better
FG are better
returns are better
return for TD are better
Field position is more about defense and offense.

Anecdotally I see less return yards given up.

But it is hard to be definitive without breaking down stats.

I watch almost all games and I sure don't see more penalties and errors in Montreal.

I was encouraged to read that Popp has been active for the past few weeks, likely beginning the search for a head coach and, some rookies for 2015. With his three year contract, Popp will be in focus having the responsibility of attending to the coaching issue and, evaluating player needs. Coaching has to be his number one issue. As for recruitment of players, there are outstanding recruitment needs. Duron Carter's replacement is an area of concern. Carter's health has been an issue which has delayed his play early in the season but, his strength has improved to the extent that he is now challenging Green for the role of our elite receiver. He will be difficult to replace. So, I believe that Popp's performance now and, in the year to come, will set the stage for the team's production in the next few seasons. Popp now has a redemptive opportunity to rebuild the strengths of the Alouette franchise.

Bonnes observations.

Effectivement, depuis que son contrat a été renouvelé, Popp semble travailler à la hauteur de ses capacités. Ces dernières semaines devaient être consacrées à la prospection de nouveaux joueurs aux USA et il a certainement fait quelques approches, considérant l'amplitude des changements qui viendront dans les prochaines années. On devrait en voir le fruit au prochain camp d'entraînement.

Cette saison, les prospects Mitchell White et Chris Smith semblent de bons candidats. Bear Woods et Winston Venable semblent confirmer la confiance mise en eux. Andrew Lue profite de l'absence de Townsend pour contribuer davantage sur les unités spéciales et on parle de la blessure de Klassen comme une difficulté importante, alors que Klassen est un plaqueur canadien qui en est seulement à sa 2ième saison. Gabriel Knapton commence à se révéler comme une prise de premier plan et pourrait rendre moins nécessaire la présence de Hebert.

Contrairement à ce qui prévalait depuis 2011, il est clair que l'avenir de Popp passe par une reconstruction réussie des Alouettes et il semble y mettre les efforts pour y arriver. La venue de Matthews, Schnoert et Garcia porte l'empreinte de Popp et la progression de l'équipe semble confirmer que ces embauches étaient de bonnes décisions.

This team will need a ton of work. Many of the key starters are now in their thirties : Brown, Parker,Hebert,Bourke,Jourdain,Perrett. I do not expect Lumbala and Edem back. Deslauriers and Stala need to be replaced. Quarterback position will required continued prospects coming in.

Popp knows what is ahead of him...

As for Higgins I believe the owner and his son are crossing their fingers he can turn it around. He has already forced them to eat two contracts and pay for a bunch of reinforcements so in addition to the pride, they would like to avoid paying Higgins to sit at home for a year or two.

Hebert can be replaced easily. Slide Brouillette to Will, make Edem the starter at safety. But yes, the others are getting long in the tooth, particular Bourke (two wonky knees) and Parker.

As for Higgins I believe the owner and his son are crossing their fingers he can turn it around. He has already forced them to eat two contracts and pay for a bunch of reinforcements so in addition to the pride, they would like to avoid paying Higgins to sit at home for a year or two.
If they force Popp to keep Higgins around just to save money, I will stop following this team. Sure, no one wants to a coach to sit at home, but the loss of gate revenue (diminished attendance and not hosting a playoff game) will vastly overshadow Higgins's salary. Hiring him, especially over Popp's head, was a mistake. If they don't know that by now, we're doomed.

On parle de Higgins, ici.

Je ne sais pas jusqu’à quel point ce fut une erreur. Nous verrons à plus long terme, mais si c’était le genre de décision à prendre pour convenir avec Popp que l’avenir de l’équipe passait par des personnes différentes pour agir comme DG et comme entraîneur-chef, je veux bien l’endosser si à la fin de l’histoire les résultats y sont.

Même si ça devait s’avérer exact, ce serait cher payé, j’en conviens. Mais tout dépendra de la tournure des événements.

Well, you might not believe it was a mistake, but I do. :slight_smile: Nothing I’ve seen from Higgins this year leads me to think that he has what it takes to make us a winning organization again. From his blown challenges to his awful QB carousel to his inability to oversee his coordinators to the hash he’s made of special teams to firing his own buddy Worman a week into camp, he just hasn’t delivered. I know we’re all feeling warm and fuzzy right now, because we’re coming off a win, but we still sit at 4-8 and will finish with a worse record this year than last year even if we play .500 ball for the remainder of the schedule, which is doubtful in and of itself.

You don’t hire a guy over your GM’s head, and you certainly don’t make that hire a guy who’s been out of coaching for six years and who doesn’t have the contacts to fill out his staff effectively. Popp had to parachute in Schonert, Garcia, and Matthews just to our heads barely above water. That tells you exactly how ineffectual Higgins has been.

I respect anyone’s right to disagree with me, but with two-thirds of the season in the books, I’ve seen enough of Tom Higgins. I want him gone.

With Klassen injury, they probably will have to move Edem into Brouillette safety spot and brouillette in Hebert s spot anyway.

Oh, je ne dis pas que ce n’était pas une erreur. On voit avec les piètres résultats de la saison que c’en était une.

Mon interrogation était de déterminer jusqu’à quel point c’en était une. Il y aura peut-être quand même du bon qui ressortira de cette erreur mais ce n’est pas maintenant qu’on va pouvoir le constater. C’était l’essentiel de ma réflexion.