Jim Popp rumour....

Colts are look for a Gm and Popp would be one of the seven people interviewed. Freaking vultures go away. The CFL gets made fun of all the time yet, they keep trying to steal our coach and gm!

[url=http://www.985sports.ca/football/nouvelles/jim-popp-dans-la-mire-des-colts-118044.html]http://www.985sports.ca/football/nouvel ... 18044.html[/url]

Jim just signed a new contract that allows him huge freedom to raise his huge family and be around his dad. Als have gone to the moon to keep Jim healthy and happy. It would seem ad odds with everything he's wanted from a family perspective (18 hour days and absantee dad ???). but if he gets an NFL GM position good for him. Thanks to Jim we have the people in place to have great continuity anyway Desjardins, Abhrams are talented tireless workers and dedicated. Nothing lasts forever.

Yeah just read about it on TSN. It appears that he is a strong candidate.

They are probably all strong candidates. I can’t see them going out of the NFL but you never know.

[url=http://www.indystar.com/article/20120107/SPORTS03/201070337/Colts-GM-search-includes-least-6?odyssey=tab%7Ctopnews%7Ctext%7CSports]http://www.indystar.com/article/2012010 ... t%7CSports[/url]
JimIrsayJim Irsay The pool of candidates is deep n talented. It is impressive how a new wave of gifted executives has developed n the NFL..much 2 choose from.

Popp has No nfl experience. He'd have to start from scratch. Seems like a long shot to me.

Well, we're not sure about this, but, let's face it, most of the star players/coaches in the CFL are American and dream of big contracts in the NFL. The USA is, after all, where they consider home; we can't blame them for that.

Popp is a BIG FISH in the re-birth of football in Montreal. I have often likened him to a football equivalent of Sam Pollock with the Canadiens. Both had a nose for talent and contributed top flight players to winning teams. I disagree with the contention that he has no knowledge of the NFL. Many of the players he has recruited over the years came from the US. That, to me, means he has a knowledge of the NCAA, the NFL, and other football operations. The Colts would never consider him a serious candidate otherwise.

I sincerely hope that he stays with the Als. Were we to lose Popp, that would have to be considered a major loss to football operations in Montreal. From my point of view, 2012 is a rebuilding year. i sincerely hope the Als are thinking of a "succession plan" for AC as well as finding good players for our D and STs. If Jim is no longer in the picture, that task will be all the harder. Jim, I realize that you have aspirations and wish you the best, but I hope you can give us at least one more season - we need you now more than ever!

agreed on all points. :thup:

Would be a big loss but if that is where is heart is after 15 years of loyal service I hope he gets the job. I am not a believer in key employees working from home. I don't think it is an ideal setup or foster team work or development of your people. In Jim's case it is a little different because he gave so much of himself to the team over the years that accountability is not an issue and frankly that was the only way he was going to stay.

Right now the Als have their two main football people both live abroad and as we've seen the rest of the league is working harder and spending more on their football people. In a lot of ways this was done to compete with Montreal. Wally Buono and Barker both have aluded to that fact.

So when you have around a million dollars a year invested in two people and they are not around your organization and people for six or more months out of the year no matter how talented they are, you are giving up something and it makes selling football more difficult.

As much as I like AC the guy who really deserved the key to the city was probably Bob Wetenhaul who has been key to the revival of football in Montreal. He's consistantly paid top dollars to his people and given everything they required to build winning football team. What other owner has put up CASH to build/renovate a stadium ?

We may not lose JIm this year but at some point there will be change. Jim Popp, Doctor Wetenhaul will not be around forever. What they've done for football in Quebec/Montreal is a real gift.

So if Jim get's his "promotion" I'll be proud and grateful to him. I am sure Mr Desjardins and Joey Abrhams will do a great job. I just hope if Jim does leave that the Montreal media who have basicaly ignored the Als won't pull the same stunt they did on the Habs and try to put "their guy" in place. That would destroy the franchise.

I will not be surprised if Jim Popp gets the job; he is an extreme good salesman and has a great background.I can't compare with the other candidates,since I know basically nothing on them, but Jim Popp will definitelu be amongst the finalists.

If he does leave/get the position, it will be a major change in Montreal. Jim Popp has been a one man show for the Als for the past 15 years; yes, without Mr Wetenhall nothing of this would have happenned but Jim Popp was/is the number 1 person in terms of football.

I definitely don't see Marcel Desjardins as an adequate replacement; his experience in Hamilton-2007- was a disaster. A good assistant GM but not a GM.

If Jim Popp leaves, Marc Trestman won't be here beyond 2012.


Nothing is forever. We've had an unbelievable level of stability at the GM position since the franchise's return to the CFL. If Popp gets this job, I'll wish him all the best, even though I'll be saddened by his departure.

As far as replacements go, I'm with Richard. I don't think Desjardins is a good replacement. I'm not thinking of his time in the Hamilton gong show so much as the fact that he simply won't have the US contacts necessary to scout and acquire talent. To be blunt, we need an American with college connections as GM or it will be a disaster.

I disagree with you guys. Desjardins used the same model in Hamilton as was used in MOntreal. It takes time to build a football team and in Hamilton's case the cupboards were completely bare and had no quarterback. When Young hired his new President things fell appart. Desjardins came from a football culture in Montreal where business people don't come and meddle in football affairs and he refused to compromise his beliefs to accomodate Mitchell.

You should not judge his work by what was said by Bob Young's PR machine in Hamilton. Most people don't know this but in 2007 he drafted Chris Getzlaf, Peter Dykowsky,JP Bekasiak,Robert Pavlovic and Chris Bauman. Five guys who have started in the CFL. The only other guy from that draft who became a starter from the 2007 draft is Chris Van Zeyl drafted by Montreal. A few backups who have never been starter are still around Yannick Carter, Calvin McCarty, Jabari Arthur..

So in his first and only draft Marcel Desjardins drafted 5 of the 6 players who managed to become CFL starters !

Hfx, I'm not questioning Desjardins's ability to find Canadian talent. I remain skeptical of his ability to bring in quality imports, because I frankly don't think he has the connections in the US to be consistently effective in this area.

Keep in mind that Jim Popp makes around 500k a year so even if you promote from within and hand out a couple raise that leaves you enough money to hire two top notch extra scouts !

Also your not going to replace Jim with another Jim ! Attempting that would be a big mistake…

I should add that I suspect Jim would continue to feed his friends in Montreal leads of players he think would be good prospects for the Als…

Darkhorse or frontrunner ?

[url=http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/01/07/colts-considering-jim-popp-for-g-m-job/]http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/20 ... r-g-m-job/[/url]

'steeler hypocrite quote: 'Never heard of Poop but I just took one'. welcome to the US of A. the land of classy folk :roll:

I wouldn't mind seeing Our GM kick some NFL butt down south and I'm ok with seeing Desjardins take over. We would save some cash and we are in transitional mode anyway with Calvillo's career nearing its end.

we won our 2 grey cups. now we build towards the next one whenever it might be. We should be hosting in 2016.

First year with Brigham Young as a receivers coach and Ben Cahoon is a Bowl winner. :thup:

Do not think he will get the job and will be with the Als this coming season. Salesman maybe, but no experience as a GM or Assistant GM in the NFL.

Hope you're right, Tony!

Says Colts have decided to draft Andrew Luck...

[url=http://heraldbulletin.com/sports/x2145128806/Reports-Colts-settle-on-Luck]http://heraldbulletin.com/sports/x21451 ... le-on-Luck[/url]

Some teams get all the Luck. :stuck_out_tongue: especially if they get Jim to boot. :wink:

I think Popp should be highly considered by Indy.
What other candidate could they be looking at who has had such success at running a team at the GM level? He’s a proven commodity albeit at a different level. However a smart owner should see that a CFL GM has an arguably more difficult job than does an NFL exec. Smaller cap and a far more difficult job in putting and keeping together a squad. He’s clearly a guy who could thrive if given the chance. it actually seems like a safe hire to me.
And Trestman could be a coach in waiting for him.
While a tough loss for the Als he deserves strong consideration. He may not want it but in my hiring choices I look for people who are clearly the best in their field ready for a step up.
And keep in mind the recently fired Bill Polian who did a great job got his football start in Winnipeg with the Bombers. So Canada is not a foreign concept to this owner.