Jim Popp pissed at TSN and CFL for negotiation list leaks

Again the Als are victim of their neg list being leaked to the media, this is the third time in a year that the Als neg list is leaked by the media. Jim had to spend some time today to explain the whole process to the Montreal media and says this list should not even exist and is supposed to be confidential.

Again the CFL is doing a shitty job of keeping its information out of the press. League should investigate and find out who is constantly leaking the Als confidential information.

My guess is there is a GM or team official somewhere in this league who is giving another team's confidential info to TSN... My guess is that person isn't located too far from the Toronto Sports Network.

Well, if it's legally confidential, if that's possible in this case, then maybe some charges could be laid. :?

As Jim Popp said a few months ago, the best decision would be to eliminate these negotiating lists. Presently, a player is released from a NFL team but you never know if he could sign with your team,since he may be on another team list; such an elimination would serve the fans better. Every CFL team would have access to the released players/undrafted players.


My beef is it makes the league look bush when these things make headlines all over American and the the Agent and player are contacted and know nothing about the process and sometimes the league itself.

Same thing with drafting juniors in the NCAA. This should be eliminated. It makes the league look predatory to the NCAA and impedes relationship being built.

The question remains. Why and how is TSN accessing internal and confidential league documents ? Weird you never see the private teams financials being leaked...

It's not TSN, it's likely someone in the Als organization.

Why would the Als leak their own confidential info when the boss is totally against it. I'm thinking its someone at the league office or rival GM.

TSN isn't the ones doing the leaking. It's either someone in the league office or another team getting a copy of the list and leaking it.

Right. TSN is publishing it and there is NO name attached to the release on their website. So they know that what they are doing is at the expense of the team.

TSN or whomever shouldn't publish this without a named source I would say.

You could expect that from one of the Toronto rags but from their Broadcast partner ??? WTF ! Don't see Dave Naylor "the CFL Insider" tying his name to this...

I'm pretty sure it was Naylor who took to Twitter to say that Young was on the Als' list. But in the interest of full disclosure, Naylor thinks that the neg list being confidential is a joke (along with player salaries) and thinks it should all be out in the open. I vehemently disagree with him on player salaries -- knowing what a player makes (a) is no one's business and (b) doesn't make the game any more enjoyable -- and don't really have an opinion on the neg list. You do see leaks of other team's neg lists (for instance, QBs Kellen Moore and Taj Boyd are on Hamilton's neg list), so maybe the best way to avoid this is to get rid of it.

The owners can't get ride of it because the agents will set the GM's up against each other.

If Naylor is doing this he won't be the "insider" for very long... The mob I mean the bog will see to that.

…or better yet, why not draft American players instead of secretly “adding” them to a negotiation list? A draft would get the fans involved and generate some press on both sides of the border during the off-season. There could be a combined American draft and negotiation list for a few years until the neg lists are phased out.

Another idea is to restrict the Canadian draft to CIS and CJFL players. Then have a separate NCAA draft (or neg list) with Canadian NCAA players qualifying as non-imports after 3 CFL seasons. This would encourage players to remain at Canadian universities and junior teams…playing Canadian football.

The reason given at one time is the pool of players is simply too big. Maybe the list should be kept with one person only and when a team sends in a request to add a player it is granted or not and you just don't distribute the list between teams. Before a team wants to make an offer to a player they would have to check with the league and see if he is available or protected. No reason to give out which team has the rights. If the team would like to negotiate a trade then they could check that box and if a player is protected they could notify the team who has protected the player that team X whishes to acquire that player.

A lot of crap to go through but if they are going to have silent lists they need to do a better job of keeping them silent.

How does a team go about locking someone into their Neg List?

...I think you sorta friend each other on Facebook or something...

As far as I understand it, a team sends a fax to CFL headquarters even if they have never talked to the player, agent or anything. Taman use to grab the NCAA preview guide and write names on a napkin and fax them in, they found a bunch of pro bowlers names stuck inside the fax machine after he left :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: that's pretty much it, only the commissioner receives notice of a teams imtention to place a player on their neg list giving them exclusive rights to negotiate with that player.

Naylor's right about the neg list, though. Most of the players on it don't realize that they're on one. They or their agents have no involvement at all. It's just a team locking a player up so they can't talk to another team and it's anti-competitive BS.

How does Zurkowsky break ANY story? :wink: