Jim Popp named Head Coach

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Good luck to Jim. I think this was the right move.



Honestly, I didn't see this coming so soon. Good on Popp for not letting the Edmonton win cloud the issue. I think this is the right move for the remainder of the season.

Maybe now those of us who expressed dissatisfaction with Hawkins can get a mea culpa from the other members who bashed us and ridiculed our position? I know, I'm not a football coach, but Jim Popp evidently saw the same things I and a few others here saw...:wink: :wink:

What's interesting is that it's Popp taking over. Not Miller or Thorpe or Berry being promoted temporarily. What that tells me is that the purge may not necessarily be over. Popp is serving notice to the entire coaching staff that they need to tighten it up... :thup:

I agree with this move. Like I wrote you don't reward the rest of the fish if the head of the fish stinks.

Jim knows there is 12 players on the field
He will work hard
He will know how to use his personnel.

Its not going to be easy but this team is way too talented to have let Hawkins waste the season.

When you take off on holiday and your office is a mess. Don't be surprised if its not there for you to come back.

Même si je ne crois pas que l’équipe ira très loin avec Popp à la barre, je pense que c’est la bonne décision.

Quelqu’un qui fait une erreur, qui l’admet et qui agit en conséquence de rectifier le tir aura toujours plus de crédibilité que quelqu’un qui fait une erreur et qui ne l’admet jamais. Celui qui voit la réalité peut agir pour avancer. Celui qui la nie n’agit que sur les apparences.

Popp peut diriger l’équipe de façon relativement correcte, en supposant que les autres entraîneurs s’occupent adéquatement de leur volet d’action.

Ce que Popp va pouvoir apporter, espérons-le, ce sont des entraînements mieux structurés, plus intensifs, et de meilleurs conseils dispensés à Miller puisqu’il semble que nous soyons encore pognés avec lui.

Sans doute Popp veut-il donner une autre chance à Miller, mais je ne crois pas que ce dernier soit meilleur que ce que nous avons vu de lui.

Retour à la case 2007 pour les Alouettes et espérons que Popp consacrera plus d’énergie dans l’entre-saisons à magasiner de bons entraîneurs.

Go Alouettes!

Yep, this is a shot across the bow for the coaches as well as the players. Popp may not be the world's greatest coach, but he'll do better than the clown he replaced, and he knows the three-down game inside and out. I'm just worried that he's wearing too many hats. It's year one without Desjardins and I don't want our scouting and SMS management to suffer...

Hey disciplineandpunish, I guess Popp didn't like them going on vacation either..... :lol:

I am shocked also at this, but I am not upset at the least. It was time to do something. I just hope the injuries aren't too much for the ALS to overcome. Well here is to a new start...kinda

This is a four month assignment for now. The big difference with 2007 is that Popp picked the staff. In 2007 and 2008 Larry Smith imposed that he not make any changes to the staff. I'm sure this time he's got carte blanche.

I know the Argos have had some winners in the past, but I do not recall them firing a HC so early into a season, not even Bart Andrus?
Probably had a lot to do with the opinion from AC?

Yep! Even a stopped clock like myself is right twice a day...:wink: :lol:

I am shocked also at this, but I am not upset at the least. It was time to do something. I just hope the injuries aren't too much for the ALS to overcome. Well here is to a new start...kinda
Indeed. Not a guarantee that things will change, but we're at least going to eliminate one of the variables in our poor showing thus far (Hawkins). One way or another, we need to identify the problems and get ourselves back on track...

For me the greatest plus will be that the practice culture should change. You can but help pick up a few nuggets hanging around Matthews and Trestman.

C'est probablement Popp qui a retourné Hawkins chez lui. Le temps de préparer l'annonce et organiser les horaires de dépistage pour ceux qui seront ses yeux aux USA, ça ressemble pas mal à quelque chose que Hawkins devait savoir avant de partir.

Je ne crois pas que Calvillo ait eu un mot à dire là-dedans. Popp avait certainement assez d’yeux pour savoir lui-même ce qui n’allait pas. Charles-André Marchand avait parlé d’un ancien Alouette récemment retraité avec le sigle de l’équipe tatoué sur le coeur qui avait exprimé du dégoût en assistant à un entraînement de Hawkins. À mon sens, ça ne peut être qu’un de Boulay, Proulx, Lambert ou Chiu. Vu le poste de Proulx, il est peu probable qu’il s’agisse de lui, et Boulay est occupé à bâtir son nouveau boulot. J’ai l’impression que celui dont Marchand parlait a dû avoir une sérieuse jasette avec Popp après cette journée-là.

I agree with LeStaf. I highly doubt Calvillo was involved in this. Popp isn't stupid, and hindsight, he was evidently monitoring the situation with Hawkins from the get-go. While it's no secret that I've been critical of Popp falling off in the past few years, he didn't get to where he is without being able to make tough but necessary decisions on his own.

Interesting that there was a far greater call to get rid of Mike Miller and yet he survives. Just heard Darren Gill say on TSN 690 that Popp has a high regard for Miller. Hard to know what to believe these days.

Hopefully Popp will be a successful Band-Aid solution until the end of the season. But there is no getting away from the fact that he and Mr. Wetenhall made a major error in hiring Hawkins. I will certainly admit to not expecting him to be fired 5 games into the season.

Go Popp Go!

Well, of course Popp is going to praise Miller in the media. He also praised Hawkins when he hired him and now Hawkins is unemployed...:wink:

I don't think Miller is the solution at OC, but one thing I'll say: he seems to be a hard worker. So maybe with Popp overseeing him and Berry (hopefully?) more involved, the offense will come around. Got to stay positive now! :slight_smile:

Don't be surprised to see Jim bring back Quinton Porter and put together a short yardage, goal line package along with Messam and Lumbala.

Wouldn't that be a slap in the face to Miller, who must have had a large say in cutting Porter?

I have mixed emotions.

I agree with sacking Hawkins. I also think Miller should have been gone at the same time.

But what I don't agree with is Popp as head coach. Seen that act before and am not looking forward to a repeat.

I would have preferred either Berry or Thorpe to be named interim head coach.