Jim Popp, named HC of the Alouettes

[url=http://en.montrealalouettes.com/article/jim-popp-named-head-coach-of-the-alouettes]http://en.montrealalouettes.com/article ... -alouettes[/url]

That was March 2013

That was from last year, dude. Aug 2013.

…And I thought I was bad confusing Troy Davis and Troy Smith…bazinga hfxtc… :lol: So what IS the latest on Popp??

I know its right there below the quote :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, all the time weve been wasting on this that well never get back :roll:

Meanwhile, Popp having the time of his life at the Super Bowl, posing with Darian Durant, Marv Levy....

I keep saying I am not going to post another word on the subject but....

I'm confused. What, exactly, is the purpose of this post?

To Ridicule the ridiculous. Nothing more :cowboy:

Maybe Marv can find him an NFL job :lol:

JIM: Marv throw me a bone, there must be someone you can speak to, put in a word !
Marv: Jim once an Alouette, always an Alouette.
Jim: Oh come on man ! You got out !

Yes,Jim Popp was in New York during the Super Bowl weekend,but there is a possibility that he was also there for business purposes,i.e. meeting with Andrew Wetenhall to finalize his agreement with the Als.


Except you said it was from March.

In this case I don’t know if we should call you our Eternal optimist or Harbinger of doom? :smiley:

Richard I admire your optimism in these tough times, but I don`t think it is Andrew Wetenhall who finalizes things.

If there are in fact negotiations they would be between Harris and Popp`s sister. But it is now beyond ridiculous. Something will have to give this week.

good gawd man. and you guys booted senior for being being a one trick pony.

You miss him so much he's on corner of St-Laurent and St-Antoine. If you hurry he'll give you a free one. :smiley: