Jim Popp interviewing with the Washington Redskins

Seems like a competent GM LOL ! Ok :roll:

Smith is the one who cut the legs from underneath him and many times.
That's after or before Jim drafted his son ... or cover for his son in law after he chocked in GC.
Jim is the ultimate Alouette.

If Wetenhall lets Popp leave and Smith stays, it will be the biggest mistake in his ownership tenure, and one that could set the franchise back for years to come.

You could be come a Ticat fan :slight_smile:

Just kidding .. Montreal is 3rd Favourite Team

I love the city and Love to Visit it once a year

No question Jim should be an Alouette for life but if he is offered a GM job in the NFL is there is not much the Als owner can do to compete with that.

Through an editing error my post should of read that Popp traded for Walls, then cut him two days later, just before his roster bonus was due. Then Walls was re-signed to another contract. This move might of saved the Als $20k, but if I were Walls I would be pretty annoyed the Als traded for him, then cut him 2 days later to avoid paying his contract. To me that reflects poorly on the Als organization that they would pull a stunt like that. Fans across Canada were left wondering what went wrong with Walls and there was much speculation that other teams should be signing him as a free agent.

If my team did that to me I'd be plotting my revenge and might pull a Derick Armstrong and refuse to go onto the field on game day...or maybe grab Popp by his greying hippie curls and give it a good tug. :twisted:

No, but Jim would be less likely to think about the NFL if Wetenhall basically told him to write his own cheque in terms of a long-term contract and raise. Why they're effing around with Popp, the single most important person in the Als organization, is beyond me. The guy has built the most consistently successful team in the CFL. Every year he tirelessly works to bring in new talent. He is the face of the franchise and deserves to be rewarded for his loyalty, hard work, and smarts.

sometimes money doesnt matter, sometimes its about living your dream. popp is a great gm, for sure but... ill bet he's always wanted to try the nfl.. Cant blame the guy or anyone really.. thats what happens when u are succesful, people come calling for you. Wettenhal could give popp whatever money he wants but fact is... the NFL is the big show. Its probably his dream. U cant be mad at a guy for living out his dream.. can u? apparently from some of the posts here u can and thats sad.

Find me a post in this thread that expresses anger towards Jim Popp for possibly going to the NFL. Your assertion is completely beside the point. Nobody is 'mad' at Popp. Nobody begrudges him his chance to make it in the NFL. What does anger me, though, is Wetenhall dicking around with contract negotiations and the possibility that Larry Smith may be winning a power struggle within the organization. Smith is just a PR guy, nothing more. Popp is the man who has built this football team into what it is.

That's life in the CFL for ya.Living in the NFL's shadows.You want players to do well, but not well eough so that they leave you for the NFL the very next season.It can be very frustrating to see key piece's of ones franchise fly south but there's not much we can do about it.It's all part of the fun and excitement in the CFL.And you are correct.The Al's may be able to match the Skin's offer in terms of payola, but if it's his dream, money doesn't make all that much of a difference.If he were able to turn the Redskins around he'd definitely turn alot of head's in North America.Whatever you do Popp, thanks for many years of fantastic service in the CFL.You can show your appreciation by never returning to the Al's.
Just playing :lol:
Seriously though, good luck with whatever you choose to do.
Oh and discipline, if Popp does go there's a replacement waiting in the shadows just waiting for an oppurtunity to get back into the CFL.Can't guess who it is?Let's just say he was VERY famous for ruining the Bomber's roster last year and running his mouth non-stop. :lol:

brendan taman is in sask and he was the guy that ruined the bombers roster. like him or not, kelly was pretty decent at finding players.

mk did trade for bowman, santos, brought in hunt,willis, brought in ryan, doggett, hefney, dimichele, brought in alot of solid players actually and younger.

Kelly was an awful coach but he did allright with his vp/gm part. Just wore too many hats and i think thats probably on the guy that hired him.. lyle bauer more so than it is on Mike Kelly.

Hmmm Mike Kelly in a Jim Popp thread… That is like walking in cow dunk in a brand new pair of Bally shoes. It just isn’t right.

LOL, Kelly. I may not like how Wetenhall is treating Popp, but no way do I think he's dumb enough to bring in the Professor to ruin a perfectly good organization. :lol:

Walls can't be that mad if even after all that, he still signed with Montreal. If he was so pissed, he would've told them to f-off and signed with someone else.