Jim Popp interviewing with the Washington Redskins

Looks like Jim might be going to the big show ! Huge loss but he deserves it. I’m sure he will do great.

http://www.rds.ca/alouettes/chroniques/298935.html [url=http://communities.canada.com/montrealgazette/blogs/thesnap/archive/2010/05/13/popp-to-redskins.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/montrealg ... skins.aspx[/url]

An interview doesn't a job make, but it does look as if he has one foot out the door, if those stories are to be believed.

i notice the one article called baltimore the colts. hope the NFL doesnt sue everyone.

As an Als fan, I can only hope and pray that Mr. Wetenhall pays Popp whatever he wants to stick around in our organization. The departure of Jim Popp would be disastrous for my Alouettes.

At least going to the NFL the Als would not have to play against his team... Bruce Allen is the new boss in Washington and he worked 4 years with Trestman...So far it has been an amazing 16 year run ! So whatever is best for Jim I'm happy for him.

About time is all I gotta say, good luck to him he is a worthy candidate.

Popp has been a great architect for some top-notch CFL teams over the years, and the attention from the NFL is long overdue

Nice Sig LOL ! Lucky for me Kelly's gone.

Thing is, I think Jim would be happier in Montreal. Yes, he'll make more money in the States, but in Washington he'll be just another cog in the wheel. In Montreal, he is the man, he's in charge, and he is basically the Als franchise. Popp has always struck me as someone who has a huge ego (deservedly so, because he's got the skill to back up the swagger). The situation he has in Montreal is unique in that he's his own boss and only reports to the owner.

....FAN960 here in Calgary is reporting breaking news that Popp is gone, washington bound....

Bruce Allen has taken over there from Crazy Vinny so really Jim I suspect is being hired as a GM. Very nice position, great way to move in to the NFL... He is going to do a great job for them.

Bad news for the Als, good promo for our league and overall this may bring Montreal down into the pack with the rest.

And so ends the final chapter of the Stallion dynasty. It will be interesting to see who the Als turn to. Or will Smith, who is not short of ego himself, simply plug himself into the spot?

If I were an Als fan, my biggest fear is the prospect that Popp's leaving is really the first domino to fall. Montreal will be good again this year - their roster is basically set already. Trestman now has another link to The Show in Popp, and will garner looks elsewhere next offseason as well. Say he goes. Then you get to all those year-to-year vets (AC, Chiu, Cahoon, Stewart...) suddenly the guy that found them is gone, there's a new coach, new GM, all of a sudden it seems right to call it a career, and before you kow it, you're in full-blown rebuilding mode.

Yeah... we get stuck with Larry Smith while the old "Doctor" let's "The franchise" walk away :frowning:

Trestman is the link to the Redskins... He and Bruce Allen the new VP worked together for four or five years in Oakland.

The doctor just signed his new lease at McGill and locked up Trestman for a couple years and now chose Smith instead of Jim and he obviously does not understand that his investment in the hockey mecca is tied to winning.

I admire the work Jim has done for the Als. Loyal and fierce to the end. He just signed NI OJ Santiago a 6.7 265 pound receiver this week. To me Jim leaving feels the same as a kid when I saw Scotty Bowman leave Montreal and see the last hockey dynasty taken appart piece by piece.


Doubt it. I think Larry Smith will do what Larry Smith does best. Prep the media and sell them on his “temporary solution” yeah right… he will rework the organizational chart and insert himself in Jim’s spot, expand Marcel Desjardin’s role a little. Everyone will get a token raise while Larry get’s himself an nice big raise. I don’t know what is worse. Larry Smith the opportunist or the return of Dancing Danny Maciocia…

Sucks for the Als, but congrats to Pop if it does happen. :thup:

A bit of a surprise at this time of year. These things generally happen after the season is just over.
I wonder if Trestman will be following him next year to coach the Redskins.

Yes and No. Jim was not going to leave the CFL for a scouting position. Larry Smith pushing Jim out of his HC position changed everything IMO. Than they offered a raise to Marc Trestman and JIm commented that "It was nice to see someone rewarded in this organization". Also he has FIVE young children so going back and forth from Montreal to North Carolina becomes an issue as the kids start to sprout roots. I think Wettenhaul made a huge mistake by not offering a stake in ownership to Jim and hopefuly he does not get to experience the other side of Montreal's fans...

As an Als fan I consider that we have been priviliedged to have Jim for 16 years. I think he will do just as well in the NFL. Him and Mrs. Popp deserve mucho kudos for what they've done for the Als and their fans.

While Popp seems like a competent GM, his personelle dealing leave a little to be desired. Like with veteran Gavin Walls this spring. Popp trades for him, then realizes a few days later a bonus is due. Then re-does his contract and re-signs him to avoid paying the bonus? This does not reflect well on the Als. This a pattern where he often seems to denigrate players, treating them like pieces of meat. Then there's the fact he doesn't speak with the team president...and has an on-going feud with the Als media and is not on speaking terms with some prominent columnists, ect. He may be a ruthless negotiator, but there is more to being a GM than that. :frowning: