Jim Popp Interview

Interesting wide-ranging Jim Popp interview on CKAC yesterday.

He touches on Tim Tibesar as defensive co-ordinator, Damon Duval, Ben Cahoon, etc.

When discussing Cahoon, I get the impression he would like Ben to retire - a) so that he can go out on top with nothing really left to prove, and b) it would help Popp with the salary cap.


Looks like the DC position is really Tibesar's job to lose. I'd love to see Barron Miles as the secondary coach. What a great way to reintegrate an ex-player we never should have let go back into the organization.

As for Ben, if the Brigham Young opportunity is there for him, I would think he'd take it. What more does he have left to prove? Calvillo still has some passing records to break and would obviously be the focal point of the offense if he returned. Cahoon, on the other hand, played a less significant role in our offense in 2010.

I believe Barron Miles was one of the better players that the team has signed over the years. His safety blitz was one of the best ever.

I dont think Ben ever played the game to prove something. I think he's the best short yardage second down receiver I've seen play in our league.

X2 for Ben :thup:

You don't think Ben was motivated to prove that a small, slow white guy (his self-description on many occasions, not mine!) could be successful in this league? Ben's a great player, and I agree with your characterization of him as a receiver, but he's also a human being. Everybody always has something to prove.

I'm sure he's competitive but I dont know that proving himself as a slow white guy was a motivation for him.

I just find that the phrase "he has nothing left to prove" a bit of a cliche in sports today. He said he plays cause it is the best way for him to earn a living right now. So supporting his family is his stated main motivation. He obviously also enjoyed playing the game. If anything he probably has more to prove now then ever considering how many on here think he's finished :slight_smile:

He isn't the fastest but he's pound for pound the strongest guy on the roster still today.I've read his bench press form and load is amazing for his size...

Good point, and I agree that having nothing left to prove was a bit of a cliche on my part. I guess what I mean is that if he is still punishing his body every year, there has to be a reason. Probably the paycheque is the biggest one.

I love watching Ben play the game. It's going to be very, very strange and sad when he does retire and there's no #86 making the fans chant "Ca-hoooooon!" after a key catch. To me, the stems on his routes are a thing of beauty: so clean, tight, and well-run.

Si Cahoon a plusieurs options, il va y penser sérieusement. D'une façon ou d'une autre, il doit regarder ailleurs, car si son chant du cygne n'était pas cette année, ce sera l'an prochain. Alors pourquoi attendre l'an prochain? Comme certains l'ont dit, ça dépendra du chèque, et surtout, de la qualité de ses autres options.

Les rumeurs de BYU se sont un peu tues, aussi je garde espoir de le revoir cette année. Ça ferait pas l'affaire de Simon (un autre joueur que j'adore) mais nous aurions encore le bonheur de l'acclamer.