Jim Popp fired and "big announcement"

  1. Argos reporting this morning that have fired GM Jim Popp, and they are expected to make a major

announcement this morning at a press conference at 11 am.

TSN will carry the news conference live at 11 am.

Aware of Popp’s firing, but what / who’s the source saying there’s a “major announcement” coming?

Austin!? Back in CFL?

Found it – TSN.ca
However, it would seem likely that the “major announcement” is just Popp’s dismissal.

Pinball as president

  1. Has to be more news coming !!

They aren’t just holding a major announcement presser just to announce something that has
already been announced for the past several hours !!

You just have to know that Chamblin will also be fired, just a matter of when, for him ??

Wall to wall Pinball.

Out of the playoffs, Trade deadline is tomorrow at 4PM EST and no GM :o

Major announcement. Pinball is back doing “stuff”.

Pinball as GM. John Murphy as assnt something or other.

It appears that Grover is right – Pinball being named President.
I agree on Chamblin, but will be surprised if that’s right away, or even before the season ends. I suppose Chadelaine, through CFL experience, would be the fill in, should it happen earlier. With the team eliminated from the playoffs, and their next HC likely working, now, for another team, it wouldn’t make much sense, to me, to dump the coach now. But, hey it’s the Argos, so you never know.

Tillman rumours making the rounds.

I wonder about Jim Barker. No real defined duties with the Cats, maybe will re-appear in Toronto at the end of the season as GM? Pinball as President, Barker as GM and a new Head Coach, yet to be determined.

For money reasons, I don’t see any point in firing Chamblin and putting in a new HC for three more games, unless they have a new guy picked and want to give a few games this year to assess talent for next?

I was wrong. Grover was close. Dork had it right:

Good hiring by them,
Pinball is the right guy and the only guy that can turn that mess into something TOR fans will go watch

General Manager?
Doesn’t seem like a great football move to me.

I’m happy, It is not Allemang or Burke, thats all I care about. :wink:

I agree. A great glad-hander and even better motivator. But I think he will need someone to advise him on drafts, trades, contracts etc. Can still see a need for an assistant something or other, possibly still a role for Barker if he is interested.

What are his scouting connections like?

Could be a Magic Johnson situation, great with the media but not so great inside. Also does Pinball have the time for this? Full time given his other commitments?

I can tell you if we named Rob Hitchcock GM I wouldn’t be thrilled.

Kavis Reed is available. ;D