Jim Popp Finally Listens To Us

Delbert Alvarado has been added to practice roster as per the team`s Twitter. Better late than never I guess.

Means nothing till I see the Hunduras Cowboy dress for a game. It got so bad with Whyte that Popp's coaching job is on the line so it is more out of self preservation than anything else that he's finally made a move.

His punting is adequate at 41 yards if his hang time is "pro" like and his place kicking is very good. Money up to 45 yards.


To me this was a case of Popp the GM not giving Popp the Coach the proper tools to do his job.

Je crois que Popp n'a pas vraiment d'aspirations comme entraîneur-chef. Il occupe le poste par défaut et va se faire le plaisir de le céder à quelqu'un d'autre dès qu'il en aura l'occasion.

Je ne sais pas si Alvarado va rester avec l'équipe cette fois, mais c'est quelqu'un qui est capable d'envoyer le ballon haut et loin sur les dégagements. Il avait une assez bonne précision, mais entre une performance d'une partie préparatoire et celle de la fin d'une longue saison, il y a un monde de différence. Cette embauche donne toutefois le signal qu'il y aura du mouvement à cette position.

This highlights a lot of problems. This is not even a player we recruited but a player Hamilton recruited but had no ratio flexibility to keep. So we can thank McMannus for this guy. Let's hope he's an improvement over Pippin.

I think your wrong. Jim's dream was to be a HC like his Dad. I hope he's successful.

Vrai. Et pourtant, il est difficile d'imaginer qu'ils n'avaient pas de flexibilité en alignant Stala, Fantuz et Giguère.

They are dressing two import offensive linesmen, that's the reason Stala and Giggi were dressing. If they want to put Ellingston and Tasker back in they have to pull them two out or take two of Grant, Jones or Banks. From a 46 perspective they don't want to expose any of their young Canadians on the practice roster. Until they can find Canadian tackles or guys like Plesius,Prime or Nadon can start they have no room for an import kicker.

They are dressing two import offensive linesmen, that’s the reason Stala and Giggi were dressing. If they want to put Ellingston and Tasker back in they have to pull them two out or take two of Grant, Jones or Banks. From a 46 perspective they don’t want to expose any of their young Canadians on the practice roster. Until they can find Canadian tackles or guys like Plesius,Prime or Nadon can start they have no room for an import kicker.

Yes!!! I was beginning to wonder if Jim would add a new P/K .I am positive that he will play this friday and on November,10 in Guelph. A player such as Winston Venable will likely sit/be a healthy scratch to make room for Delbert.He will likely be protected in the expansion draft.

I am still convinced that Jim Popp will return as Head Coach; I don't see anyone but him,unless Mr.Wetenhall wants to lose a few hundred thousands $$$dollars. If Jim is not the Head Coach,there will be a complete turnaround in coaches and the Als could lose Noel Thorpe. Noel will assist Jim.


The biggest problems with Sean Whyte has been/are his lack of height on punts and kickoffs. When we compared his punting average,excluding opponent returns, it's good but,because of lacks of height, the opponents usually have good returns. Same on kickoffs which are more line drives; the opponents can run/return a good 10 yards,before the Als special team players do arrive; the opponents also have more time to set up the blockings.


Some of you may say/think that I am little bit premature, but the Als could also sit Sean Whyte next friday and dress only one K/P. Nothing to lose.


Looking at kicking/punt average figures, Whyte appears to be ok but, I can't find stats that define how many shanks produced by him. Nothing to lose now , have DA p/k friday.

Still hope you are wrong with Popp returning as HC. I want Popp doing what he has done best a few years ago and that is focusing on being a solid GM.
And he can let Berry go as OC when the season is done as well as far as I am concerned.
But as you mention, this will be Wettenhall's decision as he is the one paying the bills.

With nothing to lose in the final regular games, Popp might consider something that fans on this site have been talking about for years. That is, to give a second string QB real game experience. Personally, I know that Smith now appears comfortable at the number 1 spot. In addition, Neiswander has this year played sufficiently that we now are aware of his capabilities. I would really like to have Tanner Marsh, in the final regular games, play some real time at QB. Earlier this season he did excite the fans with his limited play until injuries took him out of the running. Marsh is the youngest, least pro experienced of our QB's. He is without question a very sturdy, athletic player who, in my opinion,is the best choice for developmental experience. I do hope to see Marsh actively involved at QB during this season's closing games.

I'd give Smith a half and give the two "kids" a quarter each.

Ce serait effectivement une bonne opportunité de faire jouer nos deux jeunes qui n’ont pas vu d’action de puis un certain temps.

Mais dans l’état actuel des choses, il est clair que Smith a certains points à corriger et est-ce que ce serait la bonne décision de ne lui donner qu’une demie pour le faire? La question se pose. Et en fait, considérant qu’à ses deux départs, Smith n’a été efficace qu’une demie, est-ce que cela n’augmenterait pas les chances de victoire des Alouettes de ne lui confier que la premère demie? :twisted:

Smith doit être capable de compléter au moins 60% de ses passes en 2ième demie, sinon, les Alouettes se feront perpétuellement rattraper. On ne peut demander à notre défensive de maintenir une moyenne de points accordés de moins de 20 points par partie. Smith doit être capable de réussir les jeux pour que l’attaque mette 30 points au tableau. Et pour y arriver, il lui faut du temps de jeu. Si les Alouettes doivent vivre et mourir en éliminatoires avec Smith aux commandes, ne lui serait-il pas bénéfique d’affronter les stratégies d’une des meilleurs têtes défensives de la ligue pendant toute une partie?

Smith a du travail à faire pour acquérir une meilleure lecture des défensives, une meilleure précision et une meilleure prise de décision. Il n’aura pas trop de 3 quarts de plus pour y arriver.

Now this from Herb:

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 3h Don't be surprised if punter Burke Dales is en route to Montreal and on field, practising, tomorrow. Worked out 4 #Als earlier this year.

Cliff who posts here on occasion wrote a blog piece mainly around the Sean Whyte situation. It is well balanced piece and gives some insight to the relationship between Sean and the Als coaching staff. Its kind of what I figured it to be. Good job Cliff.

[url=http://www.prosportsblogging.com/2013/10/29/the-alsternative-22/]http://www.prosportsblogging.com/2013/1 ... native-22/[/url]

That's an awful "piece." Not one bit of factual evidence and he has the temerity to defend Whyte after the abomination of last game while criticizing Popp for bringing in competition at the position. This is pro sports, not an office job. If you can't perform, your boss WILL bring in someone who can, and that's perfectly normal. What's not normal is a kicker who can't punt and who can't be relied on to placekick from 40+ yards.

Blaming the tee, blaming the longsnapper, blaming everyone but Pippin himself? Bah. Notice how there is no actual evidence to suggest the longsnapper is to blame but he manages to give that impression anyway. This kind of stuff is not journalism.