Jim Popp did not make the Jets short list.

It might work if you want Jean-Paul Edme and Joey Abrams as Als coach and GM . But no Popp calibre GM will agree to report to Weightman, who might be a bright upcoming business person, but has no football background.

In the NFL, Andy Reid (hired first) and the new GM both report to the owner. The Browns have the Head Coach(hired first) and GM report to the president. The Rams I believe have the GM working under head coach Jeff Fisher.

Marv Levy reported to Mr. Berger, not GM Bob Geary.

There are different ways to skin a cat, but the key is having everyone on the same page. The Head Coach and the GM have to have a relationship or you are doomed to failure.

I don't so much mind the GM having a direct line to the owner. I do mind when BOTH the GM and head coach do. That is not how you run a successful business. And those three NFL franchises you mention are not the model for how football teams should be run, particularly the Browns, who've been a joke for more years than I can count.

As well, comparison to NFL teams is perhaps inapt, since CFL franchises are very different operations on smaller scales. If you look at other CFL teams, I don't think you'll find a situation where a well-run team has both the GM and the head coach reporting directly to the owner.

I don't like how they did it but now Mark will get the respect the position merits and we'll have people who want to be here and put in an honest day's work.

I don’t agree with that, very few GM report to the owner of a franchise. In fact I can only think of one and that’s Wally and he’s in a category all by himself. You think if Popp get’s the job with the Jets he’ll bypass his boss and deal one on one with the owner on a day to day basis? Not a chance.

I believe the Popp would report directly to owner Woody Johnson. Their president is strictly a business guy. Tannenbaum reported to Johnson.

In the CFL, besides Buono, Hufnagel and Austin both report to the owners. Theres no text book way, its just that everyone has to be on the same page.

I agree with that. But like you say its not cut and dry and it does not mean we'd wind up with an Edme as a HC.