Jim Popp did not make the Jets short list.

Looks like Cassius is "stuck" in Montreal I mean Mooresville for another year. Poor guy...

The New York Jets will hold follow-up discussions with three general manager candidates: former Chicago Bears GM Jerry Angelo, Jets assistant GM Scott Cohen and Pittsburgh Steelers director of football and business administration Omar Khan, according to sources.

I believe that both Trestman and Popp have both positively delivered their energies in the formation of good football teams in Montreal. The team's two Grey Cup wins combined with having contending teams in other years, has been a very decent showing since both these guys teamed up. Whatever happens to the coach, I do hope that they will/ would engage with the team devoting 100 percent of their energies to its success. I do hope their actions recently will represent an aberration which will not occur in future years. Surely their behaviors lately lay plain their desire to " move up" to the NFL and, one has to wonder what will be the consequences, to the team (Als), of these actions? I do hope we will not have yearly repeats of this.

I know that many on this forum may view what Jim and Marc have done over the last couple of years as "betrayal" or words to that effect where the Montreal Alouettes are concerned.

As I have posted before, I feel confident that many American players and coaches have inserted escape clauses in the their contracts for precisely such opportunities. And yes, the NFL would indeed have to be considered "moving up" as Niagara has suggested. With so many firings of GMs and coaches this time around, however, we would have to consider this situation as unique and rare.

Over the last few years, the Als in paricualr and the CFL in general have gained notoriety south of the border, largely on the marvellous exploits of Anthony Calvillo. But most football fans, including Canadians, would consider the NFL to be the elite league. This is not to suggest in any way that the CFL is an inferior product; it generates plenty of excitement and good entertainment. But the salaries, the financial security...puts the NFL into several categories where the CFL simply cannot compete.

Most of our great American players continue to make their permanent homes south of the border, and this is also true of Marc and Jim. So, I can't entirely blame them for seeking their fortunes elsewhere and I expect that others will do likewise.

Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, football will catch on here, Canadian fans will catch "football fever", the CFL will grow in popularity, at least rivalling the NHL... Well, all of that is a pipe dream at this point, but I hope it happens one day. If and when it ever does, scenarios such as these wilol be rarer.

Not surprised. As long as Cassius is arrogant enough to think that he can step into an NFL GM position without first paying his dues as a DPP, he'll get nowhere.

Cassius tweeted Herb to tell him he's still the man for the Jets.

Hypothetical question. Jim Popp is hired by the Jets (although I doubt very much it will happen).

You`re Marcel Desjardins and both Ottawa and the Als want you. You have a chance to build a team from scratch with nowhere to go but up, or be in charge of a veteran, established team with no really nowhere to go but down.

Who do you choose?

We haven't won a playoff game in two years and it's been a long time since we've had a good defense. Our ST unit is in disarray and there is no clear successor to Calvillo. I'd say we have plenty of room to improve. If I were Desjardins, I'd stick with the Als for stability and familiarity's sake, but what do I know? :slight_smile:

I surely hope that the Brutus and Cassius soap will end soon; probably won't happen,but the best thing would be if both were leaving/finding a position in the NFL. It's no longer funny. Marcel Desjardins or/and Joey Abrams will adequately replace Cassius; with regards to Brutus, there are some good candidates to replace him. I still say Noel Thorpe as Head Coach; Cortez,Berry,Marshall would be good assistants/coordinators.

These two individuals are where they are today,because of the Als/Mr.Wetenhall. They should have more class,loyalty.I definitely won't wish him good luck but rather good riddance.


One reason for Jim Popp wanting the Jets GM job. Caldwell actually turned down the Jets for the Jaguars job.

From Peter King:

Factoid of the Week That May Interest Only Me
Included in the New York Jets’ contract package being prepared for David Caldwell last Monday – the day the club gave him a tour of the area and was wooing him to be the team’s next general manager – was a $1 million housing allowance.

In the annals of Perks Given to NFL General Managers, I would say that takes the cake.

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nfl/ne … z2I4DjQgQM

Hi...new to this site.
i'm curious. If Popp and Trestman do not get NFL jobs ( and they probably won't-only 3 CFL HC have ever gone on to NFL HC gigs-none for 30 years-Grant, Levy, Campbell and no GM's have) what will be the reprecussions?
aren't you digging a hole that will be tough to dig out from as fans. You generally have idolized these two for years and they have always looked south for promotions. what's different now? just more publicity?

Actually, in the 1960’s Jim Finks was a long time GM for the Calgary Stampeders. He got hired either in Minnesota or Chicago, but he was a GM in the NFL quite a while after that.

Well that means the Jets won't have a GM living in Mooresville LOL ! But housing in NY city is on another plane. I have a friend in Chicago who has a similar deal with a large company. An equivalent house in NY City big enough for a family of seven to what Jim has in North Carolina would be in the five to ten million range. Its all nice if you hang on to the job for more than a couple years...

I`ll answer for myself, probably a minority view.

Popp and Trestman to me have the right to follow their NFL dreams. They did not break their verbal or written agreement with Mr. Wetenhall. They probably also genuinely enjoy the CFL and their Alouette jobs. But the NFL is the NFL.

The problem with Mr. Wetenhall being the generous, paternal boss is that he probably did not envision a situation like we are having now. The Alouettes put at a standstill while the NFL figures out who they want to hire. This has to be addressed in some manner and I`m sure will be. Not sure how, however.

If Trestman and Popp are back, I will continue to judge them on their body of work.

Youngsters like me will recall the Alouettes went through the same situation in 1977. Grey Cup winning coach Marv Levy went to owner Sam Berger and begged him in tears to let him out of his contract so that he could go to Kansas City as head coach.

For me it is the way they've gone about things. It is absolutely abnormal for a team to lose its entire coaching staff in the period of 12 months and then have its 3 top people looking for work at the same time. Mr. Wetenhall gave both of these guys their opportunity and he treated them exceptionaly well. I wish them well and hope they GTFO asap so we can move on.

And he sold the team shortly there after to Nelson Skalbania who pretty much destroyed football in Montreal for almost twenty years. Worked out really well. Maybe that's what Mr. Wetenhall is preparing and we just haven't been told.

If people keep turning down the Jets GM job Popp may be the only candidate left. A week ago Popp did not get the Jaggs job and was a long shot for the Jets not making their first short list now he is becoming the fav for that job.

Not according to this report. Apparently did not formally interview.

[url=http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/jets/jets_gm_search_nears_end_nrSv2HaSQ88FKGZGSuQXvN]http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/jets/jet ... KGZGSuQXvN[/url]

Thank you for the information.

Brutus has greater chance than Cassius to get a NFL position.


Just to say that Mr.Samuel Berger owned the Alouettes from 1969 to 1980.

Never know what may happen,but I don't expect Mr.Wetenhall to sell the Alouettes,unless it is to his sons.

When the Jim and Marc saga is over, one of the major task of the Als/Mr.Wetenhall will be to review the structure of the organization. He should/shall name a President-Mark Weightman- and the GM shall report to him and the Head Coach to the GM; under the current structure,both Jim and Marc report to Mr.Wetenhall; he had faith in them and they took advantage of it. I am positive that Larry Smith did not agree with this structure and it is a major reason why he did leave. Jim and Marc had to much power and were/are being paid too much. I don't care what they did in the past. The future is now to quote former/deceased George Allen.


Agreed, Richard. We have to go back to a proper chain of command, with the HC reporting to the GM, who reports to the president, who is the link between football ops and the owner.