JIm Popp and Trestman's colossal mistakes

The selection of Chad Owens as the MOP in the CFL this season was indeed deserved. Indeed I thought that he should have been MOP in the 2011 season as well as, he must have represented 40% of the Argos total offense that year through his elite return skills, his toughness, his desire and, his ability to shake off the pounding he received was evidenced by his getting right back in these games demonstrating his strength and ability to dominate the field of play. This season he again dominated his peers in the return game while establishing league records in the process . In addition he led the league in receiving this year and, his preeminent play was rightfully acknowledged. That the Argos are in the Grey Cup game this year, kudos must be given to Owens for his superior play.

The trading away of Owens, by Jim Popp was a colossal mistake of epic proportions. I would rank Popps foolishness as being on par with Ted Workman’s when, in the early sixties, he traded Sam Etcheverry to the TiCats. The result of this was the Als languished without passing productivity for a generation. In recent years the main weakness of our team was in the returning game. The team had to give up tons of yards in most games because we lacked a decent return specialist. How productive would the Als might have been had they retained Owens! Popp had indeed witnessed Owens’ ability. While with the team Owens did return a few kicks and, maintained a 40 yard average in the process. In addition Popp failed to keep Larry Taylor, another supreme return specialist. Instead the team, through these player decisions, demonstrated a profound weakness in the kick return game. Had Owens remained with our team, he would have strengthened greatly our passing gameas well.

JIm Popp recently stated that his decision not to retain Owens was the correct move. Come on Jim, you pushed away a played who has dominated the CFL in the past three seasons and, replaced him with returners of very limited abilities. Your action in this matter was a colossal lack of judgement.

At the time Owens was unable to crack a starter's spot at receiver, had it been this year he would have. Chad has 3 children and its real expensive to travel back and forth to Hawai so he did not want to take a returner's job at 70k a season. That's all there is to it and now he commands or will command around 200k a season who would you going to let go to pay for that ? These things happen and not all players can be patient. It happens. Did the Als make a colossal mistake because they traded Donovan Alexander who's developed into a starting NI corner 3 or 4 years later or Van Zeyl ? The only reason your noticing this is because the Als bring in SO MUCH talent we don't have room for everyone.

Totally agree with HfxTC; the Als wanted to keep Chad Owens as a KR and pay him accordingly but he refused. At that time the Als had: Ben Cahoon,S.J. Green,Jamel Richardson and Kerry Watkins as their 4 starting receivers; Chad Owens could not beat any one of them. Also with the Als were Brian Bratton and Andrew Hawkins. The Als felt that these 6 players/receivers were then better than Chad as a receiver. While I find it excessive, I did read that he will earn/has earned $200,000 in 2012.The Als could not afford him.

During the past three years, Chad Owens has had 9 TDs as a receiver; Jamel Richardson has had 23,S.J. Green 18 and Brian Bratton 14.

Yes,Chad Owens is a very good player but if he was on the Als roster, either Jamel Richardson,S.J. Green , Brandon London would not be with the Als,since they could not afford all these players.

Toronto is in the Grey Cup because of Ricky Ray; without him and with Chad they were last in 2010,3rd in 2011.

I am happy for Chad and the Argos.


Correction;Argos were 3rd in 2010 and 4th in 2011.The Argos were beaten 48-17 by the Als,in the finals. Chad Owens had 2 punt returns for 5 yards; Tim Maypray, of the Als, had 3 for 105 yards and 1 TD. Owens 4 kicoff returns for 87 yards and Maypray 2 for 25.


First of all I have a great deal of respect for Chad Owens. He is a warrior and has developed himself into both an elite returner and receiver. And he is a class act off the field also and never once bad-mouthed the Alouettes.

Now if the Argonauts were to trade Chad Owens it would be a major mistake, just as the Eskimos made a hugh mistake trading Ricky Ray. But the Alouettes trading Owens in 2010 was not a mistake at the time. There were receivers ahead of him and the fact of life of a salary cap.

You know who probably made the biggest mistake of all? Chad Owens himself by resigning with the Argonauts in 2011. The average NFL salary is close to $2 million (compared to his current $200,000) and can anyone tell me there is no place for a Chad Owens in the NFL. Look at Andrew Hawkins this year with the Bengals.

Hfx, you are comparing Don Alexander with Owens. Come on man- there is no comparison!!The team would be better had they cut Richardson or Greene at that time. Owens with his returns and receptions were/are so so much better than these guys. I find there is a following on the Als site that consider Popp as God almighty. He's not! He failed completely to recognize the talent of Owens. Just imagine what our team could have been with Owens! Further his failure to retain Larry Taylor was another immense mistake. Popp's ego is so huge that even today he will not admit his error in not properly evaluating Owen's talent. Richard, do you really believe that Bratton is a better receiver than Owens? Hardly!!!

On the other topic of McPherson,the team should have given him some playing time over the years. Adrian, a few years ago was, I believe, a very promising candidate to replace AC. But Popp/ Trestman gave his talent no playing time since he has been with us, giving him no development experience at all. In his early time with the team Adrian did demonstrate high competence at the QB position on the few times he was allowed to play. Playing foot ball is like other talents we human beings have. We all have used our developing skill in the work force to, over the years, become more proficient at our vocations, and in our social lives. A chess player equally can acquire more skill over the years. Instead Adrian languished on the bench which has, I believe, arrested his development as a QB. Guys, its like sex, if you don't use it- you lose it. Had the Popp/Trestman duo given Adrian developmental time, we would now have a skilled QB ready, without question, to take over from AC. The team has been in a downward spin the last two years and, we should recognize the reality that Popp/ Trestman are responsible for this.

Jim had Owens on his neg list for SIX YEARS ! But it is the HC and his assistants who decide the lineup, not the GM. Trestman was very, very sad to see Owens go at the time and Jim probably even more so but there was just no way he would crack the offense at the time. This is the first year Owens has put up decent stats as a receiver, even last year he was awful and dropped more passes than ANY starting receiver in the entire league. Even this year he's dropped more balls than most receivers in the league. If you want to blame anything blame the SMS.

Guys, I follow the Als and football sicne a long time.

So sorry to hear you condemn Popp and Trestman...

Strange how Als fan always think the other team is not supposed to make big plays against our team, either offence of defense....they make plays tey trick us as well as we do!

Last Sunday, was at the game....and with more than 5 min. remaining (which is eternity in CFL) we had 3 cracks at scoring point inside their 35...3 turnovers.....the most devastating one to me, Delauriers being stripped of the ball at their 17 yar dline....after we had traveled the field for 60...something yards....after that it was all panic mode for the Als, especially for AC who again had a brain cramp with the 2nd interception.....Deslauriers unable to protect a caught pass, is hard to forgive a player with 6 years of experience in this league....HE broke our back, and switched momentum...

Even with Ray and Owens, given this sequwence would have provied a TD, we would have won the game...we were in control at that time...we had them fearful.
Our defense had taken control back after a very bad 3rd qtr....

hindsight is always 20-20 !!

I for one am glad he did not trade away Richardson and or Greene at that point in time !

you can say that again!! That has been a BIG bone of contention on this site all season long. A 6'4" receiver often getting taken by a smaller DB. Either that or treating the ball like a hot potatoe.

Bla bla bla

I've heard excuses for this colossal boneheade mistake
For years now

It's the GM and coaches JOB to appraise talent
Then put it on the field and win games

They failed in that task with Owens, Hawkins, Cobourne, Stewart, Taylor, McPherson and others
And the Alouettes have had failed seasons
And have been in a downward spiral as a result

There really is no arguing about this
Nor are there any excuses.
It would be right (and honourable) if they''d just admit mistakes and get on with it
Instead of lying to their fans...making endless excuses and continuing the same behaviour

Thank you Niagra for bringing up the subject
Ignore the usual suspects
They're just as guilty as those whom they supported in all cases
And they know it

Congratulations to Milanovitch who gathered together a number of pieces to finally field the Grey Cup winner. As well as the coaching position, others too contributed to this victory. Chad Owens and Larry Taylor demonstrated there are indeed the best K returners in the league. It was only this AM that I learned that Owens played through the season with a broken thumb and a torn ligament with a cast sheltering his left hand area. He also played a solid returning game with his TD K return made invalid by an unnecessary penalty. Nevertheless, he did make a TD catch. Chris Jones gathered a number of new player additions which showed the strength of his defense.

Yes Chad Owens has has a few drops this season. With his injury it was a wonder he did not drop more. Without doubt he did win the MOP award. Seems to me Greene, McPherson and Bratton dropped quite a few passes also. However the season has ended and, we can put together some thoughts on the 2013 season? I believe we have some really strong players and, our requirements are relatively small. I agree that some changes to defense are in order- not especially with the players but, with direct action from the coaching staff.Like all of you guys I'm wondering what will occur re our QB situation? As noted, I believe we have a strong group of players and, we should be in a competing position in 2013.