Jim Popp, a Permanent Head Coach

During the Eastern Final pre-game show, Dave Naylor stated that Mr. Wettenhall has asked Jim Popp to be both the General Manager and the Head Coach for next year and Naylor said that Popp was heading toward that direction.

What do you think? I felt like I was just going to forfeit the whole of next season when I heard that news.

So the man who has never had a winning record as a head coach, who has shown himself completely incapable of effectively supervising his coordinators, is coming back next year? Jesus H. Christ.

I guess I'll learn to live with this if it happens, but if Popp does come back, I am hoping and praying that he cleans house on the offensive coaching staff. If we return next year with the same carousel of mediocre coaches (Berry, Miller, Speckman, Campbell), I will be convinced that both Wetenhall and Popp have lost the plot...

Bobby W probably gots no more money.

that would be my guess, Mike.

Dan Hawkins is still no doubt on the payroll (I'm not sure how long his contract was for!). So, Wettenhall is faced with hiring another HC, for whatever salary and benefits, while still paying Hawkins who was fired.

Somehow, I don't think this is a permanent fix (I certainly hope not!), but is a measure to balance two HC salaries. Hopefully, if we get a half decent OC and O staff, we can still do something with the great O players we have. The issue here is sending in the right plays or at least designing O schemes around Smith's talents. It would be great if we had a HC who was offensively-minded, but...

I'm trying to keep positive and optimistic for next season. It's sad, however, that the CFL has to work on shoestring budgets, lowball everything... That, IMO, is what is likely driving this.

I don't mind Jim as a HC if he can find the right guys to coach the offense. My concern is that its not even all the eggs in the same basket but that there will only be one egg in that basket and the egg will go on his annual job hunting trip in about two months to a league where there will be quite a few desperate teams this year looking for staff.

I'm not worried if Popp is just chasing NFL GM jobs. He's delusional if he thinks he can step into that position without any prior NFL experience in subordinate roles. Trestman had been an OC for multiple teams, had experienced a lot of success in the NFL before he finally got his head-coaching chance. Popp has proven squat south of the border. If, however, he comes to his senses and decides to pursue DPP opportunities, yes, we're in a very sticky situation...

Je crois aussi que ce serait strictement par mesure budgétaire si Popp revenait à la barre l’an prochain.

Mais si on revoit Berry, Campbell, Speckman et Miller, ce sera le signal que Popp ne reviendra pas en 2015, et peut-être les Alouettes non plus.

....Popp remaining as head coach is a great idea IF you want to be contending with Ottawa for the division basement :roll: He's proven he's not a head coach...Disciplines pic. says it all..

What about Tommy Condell as a HC ?

Based on yesterday's showing, he should certainly be in the discussion, that's for sure.

One year as OC in an Hamilton offense that is largely run by Austin (I suspect) isn't enough to convince me that Condell should be promoted to HC. I mean, I'd interview him if I were Popp and Wetenhall (his knowledge of how to run wildcat stuff could be dynamite with Troy Smith), but I wouldn't see him as an outstanding candidate.

Condell has been working with Austin for years. They go back to at least his stint at Cornell.

Tu es vraiment pessimiste, leStaf; en effet, oser penser que les Alouettes pourraient ne pas revenir en 2015. Oui,Jim Popp pourrait ne pas être de retour,mais les Alouettes y seront.

La décision de M.Wetenhall de demander à Jim Popp de retourner comme Entraîneur-chef en 2014 est sage et réfléchie; M.Wetenhall ne veut certainement pas revivre l'expérience de 2013,expérience qui lui a coûté beaucoup et beaucoup de gros sous.

Jim Popp n'est pas un gros ZERO comme Entraîneur-chef et il y en est de même des Entraîneurs. Présentement, des noms tels:George Cortez,Khari Jones,Rick Campbell,Paul LaPolice et Marcel Bellefeuille sont mentionnés comme Entraîneurs-chef possibles à Winnipeg,Edmonton et Ottawa. Concernant Montréal, Herb a mentionné Jeff Tedford et Turk Schonert comme possibilités,si Jim Popp n'est pas de retour. Je préfère,et de loin, Jim Popp comme Entraîneur-chef à toutes ces personnes.

Il est évident que tous les entraîneurs ne seront pas de retour avec les Alouettes; certains pourraient avoir des responsabilités différentes; ceux-ci sont:
Doug Berry pourrait devenir Entraîneur de la ligne offensive
Mike Miller pourrait devenir Entraîneur des receveurs
Erik Campbell pourrait devenir Entraîneur des porteurs de ballon

Je ne crois pas que Mark Speckman et Frank Verducci seront de retour. Il pourrait en être de même concernant Ray Rychleski.

Les Alouettes ont/auront un excellent Propriétaire, de bons entraîneurs,de bons joueurs et de bons partisans. Concernant les joueurs, j'espère qu'ils pourront s'améliorer aux postes de plaqueur défensif,receveur de passes et celui qui retourne les bottés. Il est entendu que j'ose espérer que certains de ces joueurs seront canadiens. Les joueurs rêvés sont 1 ou 2 de:
Ted Laurent Plaqueur défensif. Canadien. Edmonton.25 ans.
Don Oramasionwu Plaqueur défensif. Canadien. Edmonton. 27 ans.
Samuel Giguère Receveur de passes. Canadien. Hamilton.28 ans.
Marco Iannnuzzi Receveur de passes. Canadien. BC. 26 ans.

Je ne sais pas si ces ou certains de ces joueurs deviendront agents libres mais,si oui, Jim Popp devra soumettre des offres à 1 ou 2 de ces joueurs.


Well, Popp may not be a zero as a head coach. .. but the fact remains that he's taken on the head coaching responsibilities now three times and each time has been more or less a failure. The record speaks for itself.

Now, given the choice, I'd hold my nose and prefer Popp over Maciocia or Bellefeuille. .. but surely to goodness there's someone else out there who would make a good head coach and allow Popp to just be a GM which is what I think he should be.

Le seul qui n'est pas du pour etre agent libre est Giguere. Il lui reste un an a son contrat.

Marco Iannuzzi not a free agent:

Nonetheless, general manager Wally Buono must still assess which players to expose, and he isn’t likely to waste a spot on one of his five pending Feb. 15 free agents — Nick Moore, Josh Bell, Keron Williams, Stu Foord and Adam Baboulas.

Calgary has Jabari Arthur:

Calgary’s list of pending free agents includes: G Dimitri Tsoumpas, SB Jabari Arthur, WR Anthony Parker, WR Maurice Price, LB Juwan Simpson, DT Demonte’ Bolden, DE Cordarro Law, DB Derrius Brooks, DB Fred Bennett, and LS Randy Chevrier.

Ted Laurent is. Not sure if this is Edmonton`s complete list:

Ottawa GM Marcel Desjardins won’t waste a pick on a pending free agent, so the Eskimos won’t have to protect Ted Laurent, Joe Burnett, Damaso Munoz or Hugh Charles.

That is the problem, I dont know if there is anyone else out there. I would far rather see Dickenson than Popp, but Dickenson is not leaving Calgary. And I cant think of anyone else.

So the best compromise solution would be for Popp to continue for another year while Thorpe gets more experience and can then possibly be the guy. Or maybe a guy like Condell comes to the fore or a Milanovich becomes available.

Not sure why Milanovich would become available? Grey Cup championship in his first year, division title in year two. Yes, disappointing that they lost to Hamilton, but you can't win all the time.

The most interesting thing for me about Toronto is how Chris Jones is proving yet again that his style of coaching wears thin very quickly. Championship in his first year in Calgary, then nothing afterwards. Championship in his first year in Toronto, then a porous D that gave up 36 points in the crunch against Hamilton. Seems like he wears out his welcome fast...

He sure seems to. Given how Toronto's D performed this season, I expect Jones's stock as a possible HC somewhere has dropped.

If it were me, I wouldn't be looking at him as a HC; he's just too emotional on the sidelines for my liking. A head coach has to be calm cool and collected. Jones rarely is.

Milanovich called a terrible game IMO. Once Austin figured out he was not going to run the ball at all. He shut them down. 0 points in the second half when Ray had not thrown an incompletion till the second quarter. Everybody ran the ball against Hamilton this year. Hubris got the best of Milanovich...