Jim Mullin : Braley could own Argos by next week

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Something needs to happen and fast. If its Braley so be it. I liked David and Howard as owners, their heart was in the right place if not their wallets.
We need to get the coaching staff in place and get somebody (hopefully Eric Tillman) out there recruiting some players ASAP.
Adam Rita will probably be kept for his final year of his contract is Braley takes over. He is still a knowlegeable football man. He can handle the SMS, just needs somebody who can recruit some talent and find a QB.

If Braley can't get things straightened out I don't think anyone can.

As far as Tillman. I have mixed feelings about that one. I think Head Scout for the Argos would be a better position for the next year at least with mandatory drug testing if requested. Better leave Rita in the GM position and integrate Tillman slowly. He should not be in a position where he has any say over other employees IMO.

Braley, Nicholson, Tillman, Rita and a good young coach ( Benevides?) and things could turn around quickly on the football side. On the business side Wow ! I don't know how Braley is going to tackle this one.

Amazing not one of those big corporations based in Toronto will put two cents towards buying the Argos.
You have these companies like Rogers blowing their brains out on baseball but not looking at the CFL?
MLSE isn't interested.
How can they not see the future growth potential of this league?

Canadians are wimps when it comes to investing in Canada.
The MOntreal Canadians and Alouettes had to rely on foreigners to buy them.
Now the oldest football team in Canada can't get a buyer?
Quite sad if you ask me.

I would say this is Braley's biggest business challenge yet. Let's hope he pulls it off. No one has done it since the late John Candy.

Adam Sandler not interested ?

Cohon should give C & S 24 more hours to resolve and not till next week. If not,bring Braley in as the man truly cares about the CFL and his money does back it up.
Then with Braley,he should fire the lot Rita and Mohns and hire Tillman and Milanovich so we can move on.

After all its nearly February.
Hello is anyone alive at the Argos and CFL HQ?

Doesn't really matter at this point. Braley can promote Benevides or Chapdelaine and can move a QB to Toronto, can even share the data for the draft. This is a huge favour he's doing for the league I don't think they will give him a hard time setting things up. Once the season starts however , there has to be a firewall in place.

Canadians are wimps when it comes to investing in Canada.
Look no further than one of Canada's largest corporations, Sun Life, who is giving the Miami Dolphins $37.5 million over the next five years for naming rights of their stadium. That amount would probably cover all the losses in the CFL for the next 25 years. Sun Life had $27 billion in revenues last year.

Thankfully, the CFL seems to have it's own benefactor in Mr. Braley...who reportedly is pretty wealthy in his own right. While he probably lost $10-$15 million with the Lions over the first 5 years of ownership, the past few seasons in BC have been rewarding with positive cash flows. I'm betting he could build up the franchise in Toronto the same way he did in B.C, mainly by hiring the right people and running the business like a business.

While it isn't ideal for one owner to operate two franchises, it is not unprecedented. Another option would be for the league take over the Argos, then go on a public search for a new owners. But by allowing Mr. Braley to run the franchise and hopefully build it up to having a solid footing in the marketplace, the Argos would become a more attractive investment.

braley is legit, he needs to:

-fire the entire coaching staff.
-can the personnel dept.
-build a new stadium @ lamport
-get rid of those ugly white helmets and powder blue uniforms
-hire a defensive minded coach that preaches toughness
-don't waste money on overrated nfl busts like rj soward, johnnie mitchell, david boston, mike vanderjagt, etc.

also sokolowski and cynamon were cheap, the only money they spent was self-promoting themselves, and showing up on off the record 10 times a year, these guys tried way too hard to be like jerry jones, it was comical seeing these guys patrol the sidelines like they were some bigtime ballers, get those clowns outta town, fans are fed up with them and their foolish cronies like that fool frank d'angelo and his handicapped band

why would he be?


vanderjagt was a bust, that fool with his foolish earring talk a big game, but couldn't back it up, dude shanked a chip shot Fg vs. the steelers in the playoffs, got booted, next season the colts get vinatieri and they finally win a superbowl, without that mouthy useless rat.

While most of the assistant coaches should be fired, the Argos should strongly consider keeping Rex Norris (DL Coach) and Ed O'Neil (LB Coach) on board, since both those units played very well this past season, and the players couldn't say enough good things about them.

While Mohns and Rita deserve the blame they've received, you can bet that at least Rita isn't going anywhere until next year most likely. And can the whole personnel department? Please, Miles Gorrell is probably the best scout of Canadian talent in the league. What they need is a new Director of Player Personnel, and later a new GM.

A stadium at Lamport? Show me the money, the city doesn't have much lying around, especially not with everything that's wrapped up in the TransitCity expansion (they've already broken ground at multiple sites). I do echo the sentiment for a smaller stadium in the future, but Braley is more likely to try to rehab the franchise to a point where it can be sold to someone more able to do that.

White helmets and powder blue uniforms - uhhhh, the retro uniforms? Well, yeah, they're gone this year anyways - and frankly, the Ti-Cat retros weren't much better, especially the black helmet ones from the first game.

Defense wasn't the Argos problem last year, it was scoring points. While I see the benefit of the defensive mindset you speak of, I'd rather just have a very competent coach with a thorough understanding of the CFL game.

I agree about the busts, but Vanderjagt in the 1990s was lights-out for the Argos...and was the best kicker %wise in the NFL for several years.

Good post! Rita and Mohns have got to go! :thup: :thup:

.....IF Braley does get involved with the argos....and keeps the leos...i don't want to see any sweet deals between those two clubs.....the optics wouldn't be good... 8)

Its okay Papa, not sure the Argos have any one we would want! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

....hate to say it.....but you do have a point :lol: :lol:

If Braley gets the Argos, and he's an eastern boy, then sell the Leos to whomever in BC, wasn't the Canucks org looking at the Leos at some point? Not that you can't own a team in two leagues, MLS has done it or has it and OHL has done it (Baldwin and Knights and 67's) but still better if this isn't the situation in the long run.

But Braley, love him or hate him, he IS da man, da CFL man that is. Will go into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame as a builder no question. :thup:

Braley is truly Canadian and has put in a ton of his money over the years into the league.
I could think of no one better to own the team.
If true, heck we may even get that Argo only stadium that we rightfully deserve in this city.

That's exactly what I think when I see David Cynamon with his pretty boy look, the aviators on the sidelines with his rolled up shirt or when he's on OTR with Michael Landsberg.

Anyways, It wouldn't be a bad thing if Braley bought the argos, but I don't think he's really the answer in Toronto. I think you need more then uncle Dave in order to gain credibility in the corporate community. Braley may gain credibility for the argos in CFL circles, I believe they need someone who is known. The who's who of that city.