Jim Lang's Power Rankings

1 - BC: Holy schniekies, how the heck did the Lions win that game? Geroy Simon, playing like the award winning beast that he is, caught the game winning touchdown as the Lions stunned the Riders in their own barn. I understand Eric Tillman is ticked at Wally Buono and the Lions for the second quarter gong show in Regina. With all due respect to Tillman and the Riders; who freaking cares? The Lions did what they felt they had to do to win. The Lions offensive line did what they felt they had to do protect their quarterback. While the Riders were all bent out of shape about what happened in the second quarter, they should be more concerned about what happened in the fourth. The fact that Jarious Jackson and the Lions were able to man up late in the fourth quarter and pull off the come-back win on the road; well, that’s what championship teams are made of.

3 - Saskatchewan: The week before, after their loss to the Stamps, Riders head coach Kent Austin tore a strip off his team. This week, all Austin could do was hang his head and cry. The Riders played a much stronger game than the week before but in the end, they couldn’t hold onto the lead and their losing streak rolls on.
In the wake of the 2nd quarter gong show, Riders G.M. Eric Tillman opened up with both barrels on Lions head coach Wally Buono: "I know its Wally and I know he expects us to bow at his legendary feet, but don't expect us not to stand up for our football team. The same rules apply to him that do to us."
The time for talking is over in Saskatchewan. Losers of three straight, the Riders have to pull out all the stops and get off the schnied this week against the Als. A home playoff game is still possible. The only way it's going to become a reality is if the Riders snap out of it and start winning again.

true O-linemen don't continuously open their quarterback up to unobstructed shots from opposing defenses. :slight_smile:

Exactly why we love the BC O-linemen. They have allowed the second-fewest sacks against in the CFL. Way to go, guys!