Jim Fassel meets with the Argos

[url=http://www.profootballtalk.com/2008/11/26/fassel-meets-with-argos/]http://www.profootballtalk.com/2008/11/ ... ith-argos/[/url]

Trestman did alright in his first year and he had to learn all of our rules. So if Fassel comes up here, as long as he signs relatively soon, he will have the whole off season to learn what he needs to learn. Give him a chance. Hire him and a new assistant coach, then if Fassel sucks fire him and let the assistant take over the job.

Interesting, the latest has them talking contract details already.

Fassel laid much of the ground work for that current Giants team. More new blood to the CFL coaching ranks is not a bad thing as Trestman and Huff proved. And these exNFL guys seem to pay more attention to detail. I think this will not only help the Argos but the league overall.

Why can't the Eskimos follow the Als and Argos instead of naming Berry as the favourite... :?

....the Argos haven't had much success bringing in nfl cast-offs, player wise, in the past few years......Williams etc.........I hope it works better for them in the coaching ranks...Fassel ...if hired....has got a lot of work to do.....Maybe he can open a few doors and net better prospects ......they need a serious rebuild... :wink:

....what are you worried about chief.....Berry can build a competitive team and work wonders.....just don't let him get into the face of the players during a game......i always thought he was better suited coaching from the press/box ... :lol: