Jim Daley! Wake up and smell the coffee..

I read the Wpg Sun this morning and not to my surprise but Jim Daley came up with another great speach to the media.
Big talk in Winnipeg is how Glenn practiced with the starting offence this week and claims he is ready to go.
Daley gave this answer "Sometimes it takes more then one practice to get your timming back, your groove back, your sharpness back. Physically, we've got to see how his leg responds and we also have to see where he is in terms of sharpness and execution."

Shut up all ready Jim. This is comming from the same coach who is ready to give Tee his fourth straight start. I have seen every game this year and Tee has No timming, No Groove and No Sharpness.
Get it together Jim. If Glenn isn't ready, Play Wynn. Remember Jim he is the guy we got from the Lions. You know the one who has started in the CFL. The one who has thrown touchdowns in this league.
By the Way Bomber Fans let's stop asking to start Michna also. We need experience back there. Bottom Line...

You would think that Daley would be looking to get his #1 back on the field as soon as possible.


They have no #1 quarterback... they have one #3 QB, two #4 and one #5.

I wonder if Glenn is the answer, Wynn should of had a half and a quarter of playing time already, and Daily would of had a better handle on his QB situation. What ever happened to Daily's devotion to his #1 Glenn....any other
starter who is 98% would be in.

Michna showed the best of any of the QB'S in pre-season...granted it was ONLY pre-season....but here's a scoop ....I think the Bombers best starting line-up at the pivot spot is......Wynn No. 1.....Michna No 2.......Glenn No. 3.....and sorry but goodbye Mr. Tee......I think, after everything takes shape with this team, that's how it will end up......with or without Daley.... :!:

i agree! we want michna we want michna we want michna

well Glenn will be starting for friday... if his ankle can stay strong which it should, he will be able to play which is a relief for me..

Okay....so lets see how Glenn does Friday. Is it just me or didn't he look pretty flat in the games he did play in this year? The Blue do not have a clear cut No. 1 QB. I still say trade Troy Westwood for Casey Printers. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Wait a minute!!! I was having one of Homer Simpson's daydeams.........

well hopefully glenn can do something, i just want a win!

Westwood for Printers, nice joke, Lions would be the laughing stock of the league. You guys should go after Jason Maas, offer Edmonton a couple of 1st and 2nd round picks plus one or two players.

Lets see a few years back the bombers were the talented team to beat so don't want to hear any whining from bombers fans about salarrry cappps just because you are losing. Your team had the money back then to get good players and CFL salaries have not gone up since then either. :smiley:

Hey bccflfan,

Are you talking about when the Bombers had Juran Boldon, Geroy Simon, Arlan Bruce, Albert Johnson the third, Mike Sellers, Brian Clark, David benefeild, Kalamari Jones, Alfred Payton, Brandon Dyson, Eric Wilson.

Well, All I can say are the one's that are still in the CFL are making a hell of alot more cash with their new teams, hence that's why they are not Bombers anymore. A few are in the mighty NFL and Payton, We'll I still think he could play in this league.
I'm pretty sure the Bombers have never been the highest paid team in the league.... Ever......

but it does show that with good scouting and management good teams can still be put together. it is more work than buying teams but it makes it all the sweeter. i agree some sort of equalization system should be put in place but we know it is possible to put a good team together without the largest payroll. heck if any team other than sask had that lineup they would have a chance at going somewhere. too bad for them.

I think you should consider trading Charles Roberts to the Esks for Jason Maas. Since you are "rebuilding" anyway and Roberts seems to be unhappy (making comments on the game plan in the media) these days.

Okay Bomber fans, don't get too upset with me. I was only half serious. I can't see Taman trading away Roberts although I would love to see him in green and gold and the Bombers clearly need a QB in my opinion. Blackdale has convinced me somewhat that Keith Stokes would not be the guy we are looking for.

I think Winnepeg fans would love Jason Maas. He is an intense leader and comes to play every night. Say what you will about him, but he definitely leaves it all out on the field. I know you will say that you have Glenn, Wynn and Michna but really look at that objectively and I think you will agree with me.

Michna has been unable to get a start ahead of any of them and Glenn and Wynn have been perrenial backups in this league for sometime now. Ya I know you will say that they haven't had the chance, but c'mon now at some point all these guys have been evaluated by a number of football people and they are all still standing on the sidelines.

Maas is clearly better than any QB you have there and at some point I think loyalty has to go out the window if you are still searching for wins. Just my opinion, that's all.


i fully agree that maas is better than any of our qbs and i would be happy to have him. i am not crazy about him though. definently not for roberts. stokes for maas. that would be a sweeter deal than the khari to calgary fiasco last year. we'll even throw in this promising receiver named peterson, you may have heard me rave about his talent before. and we have this kick ass water boy named jim for ya too.

LOL. Thanks, but no thanks man.

im will not lissen to reason, I learded that the hard way!


Well, I am not convinced that Daley is right for the job. This following the MTL game. Poor decisions. Going for it on 3rd and a yard and a half when you're up by 15 and it's in the 4th qtr and at your own 40 yard line. Squibbing a kick late in the game to hope for another lucky bounce. He should be concentrating on field position. Glenn didn't post great numbers either. 17 of 29 for 212 and 2 picks. Not bad, but not great. Rebuilding is tough, especially when guys like Bauer and Taman can't get a rock solid starting QB that the Bombers can build around. Bring back Jones????

Nooooooo Khari please, they won in a game they had to win against an elite opponent, Daily showed some balls going for it, he was just trying to keep the montreal offence off the field as they were really catching fire in the 4th, second guess him if you like but a wins a win.

Yes, I agree, a win is a win. BUT...late in the game being up, why wouldn't you want the Als to drive 80 yards instead of 40 and make them burn the clock? Anyways....WWWOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOO!!! It was nice seeing Bombers crush them in the first 3 quarters.