Jim Daley.....please leave now......

Now the game is on TV and the score is close at 14-13 with the Argos ahead and already the coaching that I see is lacking. I just can't stand his coaching ways. Did Bauer think that since he did nothing in Saskatchewan that he'd do something here. Just at this moment Daley called for ANOTHER skwib kick and allowed the Argos to take the ball at the Argo 50 yard line. There's a good sign of true idiocy. There's still one minute on the clock for the men in blue to score a touchdown or a field goal. He just never learns even after last week.

Now you might be wondering "Why are you bringing this to my attention after this has been said for quite a while?". Well I'm saying this to make myself heard because I CANNOT STAND HIS DECISIONS AND IT WOULD BE IN THE BEST INTEREST FOR THE TEAM IF HE LEFT. I am saying this so people can now start rallying and making Bauer and Taman listen to reason for once. I can now say that I am not a fan of this years team though don't get me wrong I am a fan of the Blue Bombers. Now even last week I said that I still did not believe in Daley after the win against Montreal. All I hear is constant excuses from that man, I want to hear no more excuses and more of what they REALLY plan to do to fix this team.

LONG LIVE THE BLUE BOMBERS.......but let the coaches and players know that they are truely on thin ice.....

17-13 Argos now, at least we are keeping it close. Cmon boys, let's take it to them in the 3rd! Oh and congrats to Westwood on the new convert record at 561 straight.

Argos have won now.
But give him a chance. I agree we need some changes in our gameplan but see how Daley does in a few weeks then make a decision.

hmmmm....wondering what his excuss will be on Friday..."not enough time to prep for this game"....I an not a Daley fan this year. Watching you pumped he was as a "teams" coach to now....bring back some emotion Jimmy....

DALEY DOSEN'T SOUND OR LOOK like a head coach......the questionable calls (squib kick in two games) were just brutal. and only just two of some real bone-head decisions....if I was sitting on the bench as a player I would be wondering....does this man know what the hell he is doing......hardly a cofidence builder for the players.....if this is supposed to be' learn football as you go'...then I think we should look a little furthur UP the ladder for someone who knows the game....and save us from anymore embarassment.... :oops:

I just dont think you guys are giving the argos enough credit for the win. Except for the two fumbles deep in bomber territory, which really only cost them 3 points, they played a flawless game. And STILL, had glenn and Stegall hooked up on those two tosses in the end zone, just off the finger tips, they might have pulled this one out. I tend to buy Daleys arguement, and he said it all week, he was concerned we would come out flat after the 10 day layoff, and he WAS right. Give this guy some credit, he doesnt exactly have the most talented group of players nor the dough to go after any, yet he manages to find ways to at least give the team some chance of winning, by getting what he can out of what he has to work with.

The squib kicks, can you blame him after the debacle in the first few games, everything was being taken to the house. What the hell can the guy do, he would rather put more faith in his defense coming up with a stop then rolling the dice with his special teams making the tackle.

Hate him if you will, but the man actually does have to decide which is the lesser of two evils.

Now having said that, I have seen some calls over the last two games which are TOTALLY insane. The third down gambles, the clock management just to name two. The gambles I can write off as him being desparate for win, but the clock management is just plain bush for a coach at the professional level.

The next stretch of games starting this week in Calgary are the real litmus test for this team and their coach. Nothing short of 7 - 0 or 6 - 1 will be good enough and there are no more excuses to be had.

wrong PIGSEYE....I don't hate the guy....he's got a tough job.....having said that ....there is NO excuse for a team to come out flat after showing they can run with the 'big' guys ...namely Mont. (who by the way look like they have a few problems themselves and then one has to ask did we really beat a team going at 100%)....the cohesion and effort does not seem to be there.....o.k. so we have a few green and new players that have to grow together but even so, the fans should expect a 100% effort from the team and we are only getting it from a few.....Daley should have these guys soul-searching and firing on all cylinders and I don't think he has the expertise to draw that out of them....or what is worse the RESPECT.....I can see it on the bench. confusion, nobody really taking charge.......also go with the best you have and I DON'T THINK THAT'S HAPPENING.......looks like the rest of the year could be ho-hum if we don't beat Cal......so maybe we should weed out some bums and start the players that really have the potential and want to play for this club....I don't envy Daley's position right now and the hole just keeps getting deeper..... :!:have to leave this on a positive.....if they can come up with a few players like they found for the O line maybe just maybe there is a glimmer of hope for the future kudos O LINE ...WE NOW HAVE A GOOD ONE...and possibly a great one.

Christ I hate this site, just finished a novel and went to preview and it booted me. In short papaz, this team isnt good enough to play at 80% and expect a win, they have to be at 100% every week to have a chance.

Lets recap, in weeks 1 & 2 we were absolutly brutal, then in weeks 3 & 4 the defence came around and week 5 the offense explodes but in week 6 we ran into an Argo squad at the top of their game and despite only going at maybe 80% hung in their with them.

I expect this team will be going at 100% in Calgary this week and down the stretch from here on out. They may not win every week but at least we will finally know what the potential is. And besides, I like it when fans from other teams are also starting to take notice and dont just put the 2 points in the win column when they play us. Its gonna take time but its going to come.

i hate jim daley i wish we fired him he is no good for coaching we need a better coach for the bombers to do better. if we can get rid of him we might be able to fight r way back in the standings. we still have a chance of making the playoffs then.

jim daley isnt helping our team out right now he sucks badly as a coach i wish he never coached in the CFL we never should have fired dave ritchie he was good. :mrgreen:

Man, a muppet would be a better coach......

I apologize to all fans for sticking up for Daley for as long as I have, but I now agree, please leave and take Tee and Petersen with you.

Dave Ritchie doesn't seem so bad anymore

I loved Dave, I didnt want to see him leave but thats an occupational hazard. Its funny how they say you cant fire the entire team, so the coach goes. Yet isnt that we did in the off season.

I think the Lions should thank the Bombers for Ritchie. I think he’s been good for our defence.

I'm gonna be in Winnipeg for the Banjo Bowl in Sept and I really want to cheer for the Bombers over the Riders or maybe I could be neutral and just cheer for the team that scores. That way I'm in a win win situation and won't be disappointed in the outcome.

I don't really follow the Bombers but there is just something about Daley I don't like.

Seems like the cycle the BB's go through....as I recall Coach CAL WAS LET GO AFTER A SUBSTANDard 9-9 and then Reinbold got hired.....I think tonight when I go to bed I'll pray for the good ole days of 9-9.....

we suck

I wonder if Bluto (Walby) would be interested in the job. I know alot of non bomber fans hate him as a colour guy for CBC, so it would get him of the air. I think he would make a good coach for the Bombers and fans here still love him.