Jim Dailey Take Control

Ok here it is at long last Jamie Stoddard gets a starting spot. Great I was wondering how many passes Scott Cloman needed to drop before they would replace him. Bottom line is Stoddard should have been in the stating line up permanetly for the last five years. He consistely does what is asked of him and to boot he’s a Canadian. The fact that he’s perminent posisiton on the team has been the holder is a crime. Sure he’s somewhat smaller and gets nailed for the odd fumble but usually it’s cause the QB is hanging out to dry out there and instead of giving up on the play Stoddard still gives it 110%. He’s fearless especially considerig his size.

The biggest worry for the season is Jim Daley. Jim needs to take charge of this team yes the O-line and the defensive secondary sucks so Jim GET ON THEM! Get pists off! Don’t just sit on the sidelines chewing on your play book wondering what your going to tell the media next. This “rebuilding” excuse is getting old after all this is the CFL we could loose or gain 8 players from one year to the next as could any team in the CFL. We have some disent players especially on Offence they just need to have a supporting cast. Jim needs to let these guys know he’s upset with the way there plaing (Oline especially ). Embaress them if he has to because clearly the current technique has not and is not working.

As far as I’m conserned replace booth Jermesse Jones and Dave Mudge on Thursday with newcomers John Feugill and Dan Goodspeed. It can’t get any worse. Show the vets that if they want to start and and get paid they’re going to have to play. There is an extreme lack of enthusiam on the field player are acting like they’ve just come off a four day binge every time they step onto the field. Even Milt is fed up with our lack luster performance of the past couple years. Jim needs to show his team that he cares and that he’s serious about winning.

Last of all we need to mix up the play on offence and defence. Lets see some play come from the double TE set. If Tee Martin is so mobile lets see some designed boot legs. As for the D what’s with all the zone coverage we’re just giving the other team first downs. If we’re gonna get beat lets get beat man to man. Common Jim show yours guys that you trust them and make them step up to the plate it might go a long way. Right now there just standing back there pointing fingers.

BLUE BOMBERS MVP thus far for 2005 - P John Ryan

Keep that leg strong we’re gonna need it :!:

…these are all very good suggestions, but Daley shouldn’t just jump right in, I would wait and maybe implement by Friday…

I THINK IT MAY BE TIME…for the BIGBlue to turn things around…if anyone is beatable its the Stamps…it’s a start …Hammer on Henry and at least let them know they have been in a game…door-mat of the league is something, as a BOMBER fan, I don’t relish…specially in this teams 75th… :arrow:

sorry gramps, not this year

Sadly I must agree with Red and White, they look pretty good even though they lost their first game, though on the other hand the year that Edmonton won the Grey Cup they went 0-3 in their first 3 games.

I think the Stamps have the upper hand going into this one, but I also think they’re beatable. If you think about it, if our offense hadn’t have been completely deplorable against the Eskimos we probably could’ve beat them. I know that many Eskie fans that happen to read this will both laugh and scoff at both myself and my comment, but think about it. The Bomber D stepped up big in the third quarter, via an Edmonton turnover we got the ball in the red zone and scored a touchdown. 15-8. If Omar Evans wouldn’t have dropped that easy pick he had all kinds of daylight down that sideline, it could’ve easily been 15-15. Bear in mind that that could have been the score in that game when the Winnipeg offense did virtually nothing. Our secondary is a bit shaky, but as I’ve said before, our D collectively did what they had to do to keep it competitive. They got lit up statistically, but it’s inevitable when you spend 2/3’s of the game on the field. If our offense could at least lead 2-3 decent drives down field it will help this team out tremendously. Anyways, I’ve written up quite the two-cent rant here. Case in point, the Stamps are beatable, and if the O line steps up, which I have a feeling they will, and Tee has time, they could beat a visiting Stampeder football team. The Stamps are better but they aren’t what I would consider to be a powerhouse by any means.

you give the Stamps a little bit more credit than I would…I think they played a good game against TO.but they don’t look that tough…porous secondary…no real threat to run…Henry hasn’t impressed me…if we give our QB. a little time I think the talent the BOMBERS have is every bit as good…don’t sell us short and we will see on THURS. :arrow: