Jim Barker

It’s been a bit of a devisive issue his presence, but talking with team staff I’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews about Jim. People say he’s brought a lot of focus and fun to the field every day that meshes nicely with Coach O’s philosophy and approach. What do you guys think?

Whatever the coaching staff is doing now is working. We can only judge based on the results, and the results have been outstanding.

Very true! Wins keep piling up!

If there are nothing but positive statements, why would you say his presence is divisive?

Little comments here and there on social media. The positive comments have come from people inside the team. Others on social media have questioned his role and effectiveness.

Who? A few twitter eggs questioning things isn’t much of a source.

Not around here. His hiring right from the beginning was well received. He has great experience, talent recognition, scouting connections, positive demeanor on the sidelines. Great football guy and a real kudos to have around. Barker seems to be enjoying his time in Hamilton and I hope he stays here for many more years. :slight_smile:

I agree. It’s nice to hear it from other fans.

Yup. Fans don’t need to worry at all. That Argo stench that was on people like Barker and Van Zeyl has long been deodorized. ;D

I hated him when he was an Argo.
I reluctantly started liking him when he was on the tsn panel.
Now, I feel like he has had a major influence on this team, from recruitment to coaching. I don’t really know what his role is, but I think he involved with everything.

he’s a beauty!!

met him before the Ottawa road game this August.

Was great guy and seems to really be enjoying his role with the 'Cats.

And the Cats are enjoying him!

football whisperer, can help out at any level. We are very fortunate to have JB on our side.

He always seems to be near the guys who are having a melt down, or who have let the opposition get under their skin, and are starting to lose focus. Seems to have a calming, refocusing vibe on the sidelines. Also spends a lot of time around Evans, talking and watching the iPad. Good influence there I think.

I was going to say the exact same thing.
He seems to do a great job helping players with adversity, and seems very positive on the sidelines.

He’s also very good at advising refs when they have to cope with difficult decisions near the goal lines. ?

I’d post the famous pic but since I am now an official old man I don’t know how to do it from a phone. ?

I’m old too, and I don’t own a smart phone!

If the ball isn’t even at the 1, why can’t the guy’s finger be a bit past the goal line?