Jim Barker

Steve Milton: Jim Barker, now coaching on Ticats’ sideline, has come ‘full circle’

Jim Barker working as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ offensive assistant coach, after so many years — and one notorious sideline controversy — with the Toronto Argonauts,
is proof the CFL is too small a league to hold big grudges.

When they heard the news, Jim Barker’s kids couldn’t believe it.
"They said, ‘You’re going there? Of all places?’ " the Tiger-Cats’ offensive assistant coach laughed this week as he recalled signing here as a football operations consultant in January, after being so closely associated with the Toronto Argonauts for so many years.
Although he’s still listed as a consultant in the team’s media guide, the 63-year-old Barker is now one of the Ticats’ 11 official coaches. He’s been working with offensive coordinator Tommy Condell, undertaking a variety of assignments, since June Jones departed right before training camp


So glad to have Barker here.

His vast experience with coaching and being a GM has no doubt contributed to our 9-2 record. On the sidelines it looks like he is really enjoying his time here.

I’m a Barker fan myself too. To get this guy as a “consultant” can only help guide Orlondo.

I’m coming around. It’s been slow, but I’m coming around.


In true Cats fashion I frigging hated Barker (aka the Blue Blob) when he was wearing that drab blue and was with that other team down the highway . Absolutely LOVE him though now that he’s finally seen the light and is now wearing the only true colours that count in this world…BLACK N GOLD !!! 8)

Barker also seems incredibly positive with the players on the sidelines. Whoever makes a nice play Barker is always there patting them on the back and encouraging them. Players seem to be responding well to this culture.

Barker has a lot of scouting connections in the states. If the Caretaker has the spare change it’s worth it to keep him around just for that.

8)How right you are Krisium !!

One of the most experienced Coaches and GM’s in the CFL over the years.

And as mentioned in one of the comments lower down on this topic, his vast connections down
South are invaluable !!

A great pick up for sure :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

“You’re going there…???”

I agree with Barkers Children …

I respect Jim , still don’t like him after the sideline thing …I’ll get over it when he hoists the Ti- Cats Grey Cup , yes ,it’s ours…

The posters here appear to want to sit around a camp fire and sing kumbaya with Jim Barker.

It was bad enough that we signed Mr. Argo - Chad Owens a few years ago - but the number of guys that are ex-Argos on this team is ridiculous.

Bring back the Austin era where we brought in the likes of Speedy, tasker, Elligson etc.

Oh wait, Austin brought in Collaros - ex-argo.

Never mind just win the the cup so it can cover up the Argo stench.

Over the years, I estimate about 750 players who were Cats/ Argos or Argos/ Cats . This is not a new phenomenon . In an 8 or 9 team league, it is to be expected .

I believe there were at least 11 TiCat/ Argos on the 99 Grey Cup team . It’s a small world after all . :wink:

Pat Lynch ( the old dude )

Who should we send back: Van Zeyl? Addison? Wynn? Hajrullahu? Rico?

I am like a foster parent, I love all our ex-Argos as one of our own.

At last count I have the number of ex-Blue guys currently on this team in some capacity or the other sitting at 10 players . Hey that stench yer smelling? believe me it’s coming from down the highway in Hogtown and definitely not here . ;D

Bralon Addison , Dylan Wynn , Rico Murray , Justin Tuggle , Chris Van Zehl , Liram Hajrullahu , Anthony Coombs , Curtis Newton , Brian Jones , Will Likely .

Just imagine if Toronto still had some of these guys in uniform instead of here in the Hammer . All I’ve got to say is Thanks Toronto for the nice contribution to our league best 9-2 record . Here’s hoping that yer enjoying yer 1 win season . :stuck_out_tongue:

Should we count Orlondo to?

Not when he was with the Ticats first, is my vote. 8)

Condell, Barker, Spencer Zimmerman

If you were a ticat first, you can stay; rest have to go
…after we win the cup. ?