Jim Barker?

He’s floating around as a “consultant” with Hamilton, maybe to be the GM given Tillmans leave.

Does anyone think he could be a GM applicant in Montreal?

He might not be my first choice. . . but I’d sure rather have Barker than some of the other names being floated from time to time.

Tillman left Hamilton after the 2018 season.

He’s a Popp Clone but he’s a better talent evaluator. Not what this team needs. They need to go young. Zimmerman, Edme someone they can plan long term around, like Winnipeg did.

I would at least interview him but he’s not my first candidate

Yup, exactly.

x 3

Actually if I recall, he left this spring and for the reason of being named either GM or VP & GM of the new Halifax team.
With the announcement being imminent upon the league awarding the franchise before this season started.
But, now as we know like the team if around he is also in limbo.

Enough with the damned same 5-6 people being named every time a job is open, for the last decade and then some… I can’t take it anymore.

Agree … I would prefer someone that the average fan has likely never heard of … of course some of the names thrown around on this board fall into that category as many on here are well ABOVE average … prefer no retreads.

Do due diligence. Is Barker my favorite or first choice? No. But he should be on the long list of candidates, at minimum.

Have a defined set of criteria, go through the list, shortlist the strongest three candidates, and do things in a professional way. No more hiring someone because they’re a good ol’ boy (Hawkins) or because they talk a good game (Reed).

While almost anyone would be an improvement over Kavis Reid, as other posters have said, the process is the important part. If the new owners repeat the mistakes of Andrew Wetenhall and hire without a proper search then the future looks bleak, especially if we hire Danny boy.

Any of the suggested candidates have at least the potential to be a competent GM.

Maciocia should not even get an interview! Don't want to see him anywhere near the team.

After, what he’s exhibited, I put him in the same category as Reed = Toxic

If you don't offer an interview some in the media (e.g., Tony "My Brain Hurts" Marinaro) will harp on it forever ... but clearly don't hire him ... I expect he might decline anyway ... unless one of his buddies buys the team ... better to not interview and always be the "backup QB/goalie" of the process that to interview and fail.

Let the media complain all they want. Maciocia is poison for this team.

I agree … I have NO interest in having him … just suggesting might be better to put it on him, as I doubt he accepts an interview in any truly competitive process.

The second you interview Maciocia as a “fake” candidate, you create bad faith. A job search in which a candidate is interviewed as a PR gesture is not rigorous and diligent. Furthermore, it actually legitimizes Maciocia as a viable candidate and opens the door for this same conversation for years to come.

I would hard pass on Maciocia now and forevermore. Let the media bigots complain all they want. The best salve for the team’s woes, once new ownership is in place, is winning, and Maciocia will not help the team win.

Agree with you D/P.
Imagine what Maciocia would be saying if he was interviewed and not given the job.
He still talks about his interview with the Als from a couple years back.

Leave it be.

If asked why he was not interviewed. Just say the organization supports and respects local University Athletics so the team does not want to interfere with Maciocia’s tenure at UofM.

Problem solved.